New Year’s Eve is a holiday that is known for everything big. Big resolutions. Big expectations. And big parties. The question top of mind is how do we make this one night extraordinary and exceed all expectations. Each year I have grand plans, in my head, and then end up propped in front of the TV doing the countdown. And I’m okay with that. Until a friend recently decided the only way to attend a spectacular celebration was to throw it herself. This year she wants to do all she can to welcome in the New Year big party style.

Some think they don’t have the time, wrong. Others think it’s a money issue wrong again. If I’ve’ learn anything, it’s not how much money you spend, it’s what you do with the budget you have. And it’s not the amount of time you have it’s about being organized. There really are no great mysteries to planning an outstanding New Year’s Eve party. It starts with having a plan and being prepared, serving delicious food and drinks and having great decorations and activities. Complimented with imagination, creativeness and resourcefulness. And the most important part a great bunch of friends. Pull all that together and you’re sure to have an unforgettable shindig enjoyed by all, especially you!

New Year’s Eve Party Tips

The Plan. Before you start your preparation have a plan. Go into it knowing the budget, what you want to do, serve and how you want the set-up. And use a party planning checklist to get you there. This will save you not only buckaroos but time as well.

The Bar. If you don’t want to pay for a bartender or be tied to the bar all night. Mix up some specialty drinks ahead of time or make a delicious punch that guests have easy access to. Ensure you have enough beverages including champagne and non-alcoholic beverages on ice. New Year’s Eve isn’t all about the alcohol. But be sure you have enough beverage supplies to allow for approximately 4 alcoholic drinks per person.

The Food. This is the perfect area to make things feel and look effortless. Don’t go the formal sit-down dinner route. We all just made it through the “eat too much” Christmas and will welcome some lighter fare. A complicated menu is so not necessary. Go with fingers foods, hors d’oeuvres and nibbles. This will allow for the guests to mix and mingle while still indulging. And make things a lot easier for the host.

The Decorations. With Christmas over put away the all those decorations and pull out the shine and shimmer. And you don’t have to break the bank to create the perfect setting. It’s all about flair and style and yes your imagination. Use what you already have, drag out the sparkle with candles, dim the lights, use large decorations and balloons, utilize pink light bulbs and make things welcoming. You can easily make an impact without eating up to much of the budget or your time.

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And don’t forget about creating party fun with hats, horns, noisemakers and yes friends. Because a New Year’s Eve party is about having fun and making memories with those we care about. That’s what makes any kind of party a great one. Happy New Year! Here’s to the best year ever!

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