Making Your Onsite Team Work (As An Event Planner)

ou’re only as successful as your onsite team. Words that many an event professional has pondered and often. When it comes to planning events and meetings there’s a lot that goes into ensuring an easy and positive outcome. That list of key factors is long and important. And unfortunately I found out the hard way. That very high up on that list is your onsite team; and depending on them is imperative for success.

Sometimes your onsite team is familiar with each other and sometimes they’ve never met a day in their life. But when it comes to ensuring your event or meeting is successful it is essential they are able to work together as a cohesive unit. As surprising as this may sound; not everyone on your onsite team will knock it out of the park. But part of the job of an event and meeting planner is the ability to identify and capitalize on people’s strengths and experience and to utilize them accordingly.

The Right Onsite Team Makes Everything Better

An event, any event never gets planned on its own. And a successful event takes more than just the hard work of one or two single people. I have found for a winning event, it takes a bunch of crucial factors to ultimately find success. It of course usually does take a lot more than just a dynamic and productive onsite team to ensure success. But having one really does help. And I can almost guarantee you can’t do it without one. The perfect onsite team storm for anyone planning an event is that each person comes to the table with their own skills and abilities and is able to play a part in the event’s achievements.

Three Tips to Making your Onsite Team Successful

Time, Time, Time. A quick meeting 30 minutes before the event is about to start will never do it. Always ensure enough time is carved out to provide the proper training, preparation and communication needed. The more you get your team on board the more passionate, eager, hardworking and motivated on the job they will be. And whether you have the time for a groundwork meeting or not, always provide a quick reference document that delivers all the necessary info to do the job successfully.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. It is impossible to be at all places at all times. So it’s imperative to stay connected with your onsite team during the entire event. That secret to success is ensuring you are available at all times. Whether it be via land line, smart phone, in person or walkie talkie being available is the name of the game. Amongst a long list of things, part of the event success comes from being able to communicate and put out fires effectively.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. The onsite team is key to the success of the event. I‘ve been on both sides of the experience; worked as part of an onsite team and in the lead position in charge of the team. And in the end what stands out the most for me is the appreciation. When your team feels appreciated they are more likely to go that extra mile. When the event is over always be sure to express your thanks and gratitude to those that helped make it a success

Never undervalue your team or what they bring to the success of your events. Through the years they’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to help execute successful events. No matter the type of event or service being provided. And no matter what the job the onsite team is delivering. Your team is there to help ensure a things go like clockwork or as close to it as possible.

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