Are You Making These Common Party Planning Mistakes?

Party planning, like all event planning, requires organizational skills. But I’m finding that organizational skills are like common sense: you cannot take it for granted. When I’m asked what is the most important quality required for party planning, my top answer is organizational skills.

Top Party Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t plan based on your likes and interests. As Walt Disney once said: “you don’t build it for yourself, rather you find out what the people want and you build it for them”. When I first started out in event planning, it was tough for me to separate what I liked versus what was best for the group. Many novice party planners make the same mistake when suggesting party themes. This is also true with wedding planning. I have watched many wedding planners and brides get into disagreements because the bride did not like the direction that the planner was proposing. Birthday party ideas for a 17-year-old wouldn’t include a single malt tasting (now that would be my own like). Nor would retirement party ideas include a long-distance relay race. The party ideas and party games must focus on the dynamics of the group itself.

You need a checklist or a to do list. It doesn’t matter how great you think your memory is, unless you write a list chances are you’re going to forget something. And sometimes that something can be a key element of the party. You can make your own checklist, or to do list. Or, as it just so happens, we have a variety of party planning checklists available here.

Get the number of drinks right. From an attendee’s perspective, there’s nothing worse than approaching the bar only to find out that they have run out of your favorite product. From the planner’s side, he or she does not want  a lot of unused product. This is one area where it’s important to understand the dynamics of your group. Are they light, moderate or heavy drinkers? What will you be serving? Here is a drink calculator that will help you plan for the proper amount of product to have on hand.

Party planning requires organizational and multitasking skills. Many party planners make common mistakes such as planning events based on their own preferences. It’s important that the planner understands the group dynamics to propose and execute a successful party or event.

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