Boy does time fly! You can’t help but be shocked that, it’s that time of year again. Time to plan this year’s birthday party for the cutest kid in town… yours! Every year we want to plan something more special, a party that not only your kid will remember but the guests will too! And to be honest, when we plan parties like this, are we trying to live up to our own standards of an exceptional event, or are we trying to plan the party we never were lucky even to have when we were growing up.

Every year there seems to be so much more out there, and we have to up the ante to be sure to include what’s cool and exciting out there for kid’s birthday party ideas.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas – Some COOL Ideas to Consider…

The Entire Package Party – As many of us have discovered when planning our children’s birthday parties, what is IN right now is coordination, coordination and more coordination. So choose the theme, and there are some really cool ones out there, and have all party related items follow that theme. The theme can include invitations, decorations, good eats, entertainment (or games), cake, loot bags and more (the list can and will continue to grow). You can even request that your guests dress in a certain way to match the chosen theme. For example, if the theme is Princess, ask the kids arrive in their best princess outfits.

Superhero Party – Superhero parties are all the rage with kids (boys and girls) right now. Here’s your chance to be a real live superhero for your kids! Plan and build the entire party around your child’s most beloved superhero. You can invite all the mini superheroes and don’t forget to add some mini villains in to the mix too! You can easily create a superhero town that by the end of the party the mini superheroes will save the day.

Spa Party – There is nothing easier and more fun than transforming the party location to a luxurious day spa for your pre-teen and teenage kids. You will have no problem converting the look into a spa party. Use draped soft materials and comfy furniture and pillows with calming and peaceful hues. Don’t forget the girlie stuff! Mirrors are a must and spa like materials including nail polish, face masks, make-up and other cosmetics. Set up timed spa like stations and the guests can circulate from station to station as they experience a relaxing and entertaining celebration while you experience a fun, effortless party.

When planning kids birthday parties, you can have an outstanding event while keeping an eye on the bottom line. So many of the items and supplies can be found anywhere from the local dollar store (gotta love a dollar store) to working with a party planning company. It just depends on your budget. So take charge and embrace your creativity, inventiveness and passion. And get planning… as an unbelievable experience awaits!

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