It’s All About Event Planning Internships

Event planners are a unique sort of people. To get the job done, it takes a great deal of hard work from a detailed oriented person who has that unique blend of logistics and sales. An event planner must be all things to all people and be able to easily blend in and work as part of a team while wearing not only the sales hat but the operations hat as well.

Event planning can be an incredibly thrilling and exceptional area of expertise and is filled with tasks and responsibilities that can vary from weddings to corporate events to product launches to social events to educational meetings and really so much more. The position often includes but is so not limited to organizing and planning, promotions and client services, logistics and execution. To be successful the ideal candidate must be a passionate, conscientious, detailed professional with a can do attitude. A person that is willing to do whatever it takes and go the distance to get the job done. And above all must be able to partner with all kinds of clients for projects big and small.

What Are Event Planning Internships All About?

Internships are a uniquely great way for an industry newbie to get and benefit from that “wheels on the ground” experience. An event planning internship provides the know-how and understanding of what it takes to be successful in this field. Before getting into the corporate game an event planning internship is the perfect way to improve on the knowledge and experience required for success. An internship will help to discover the resourcefulness and creativity needed while at the same time facilitate the logistics and responsibilities also needed to coordinate each and every event. And will provide the opportunity to learn and understand what exactly it does take to plan an event from A to Z.

International Event Planning Internship – Research, Research, Research!

The experience one takes away from an internship is invaluable and as diverse as the events themselves. Depending on what each individual is searching for and what one’s area of expertise is going to be there are many internship organizations to consider. There are local and international organizations that provide this service. Finding the one that best suits your needs is the name of the game. While does not endorse any specific internship at a recent student forum here are a couple of the ones that came up in conversation.

  • InternMatch, dedicated completely to internships,   has created a commanding foundation that helps  link students with socially responsible internship jobs especially non-profit organizations.  They provide students with a helpful and encouraging learning experience that has a positive social influence as well providing beneficial career building resources. InternMarch has assembled a growing collection of information, sources and tools to assist not only students but organizations and employers to make the most of internships and internship benefits.

  • Internoptions provides customized international internship experiences in Australia and New Zealand. They are able to place just about anyone in just about any type of event planning and event management job. Positions include all kinds of experience and can last up to twelve months (two six month employment terms). Event planning placement positions include everything from weddings to public relations from events and conferences to sporting and are all complete in know-how and understanding.

Those that are able to start their careers by partaking in an event planning internship are adding value to their future career. Usually an internship will provide learning tools to assist with problem solving, communication, time management, team work and skills that help in getting the job accomplished. Internships are a great first step to getting experience and getting on the right track to a satisfying and successful career. Do your research and choose the organization that is best for you and you will be well on your way to having the event planning job of your dreams.

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