Most parents look forward to planning our kids’ birthday parties. Fun, food and frivolity abounds! And, as stated on this blog numerous times, there are no shortage of party themes and ideas. The sky is the limit for our lil’ darlings!

But one party that we haven’t previously discussed is the school birthday party. Usually a brief celebration, it allows your child to share their birthday with all of their classmates. It’s generally a short celebration (15 to 30 minutes) and seen as more of a break in the day rather than an actual party.

Many schools allow parents to bring in some treats to celebrate the birthday. But what is the best way of planning the school birthday without stepping on toes or going overboard?

Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Parties – How to Plan a School Party

The beauty of a school party is that the entire class gets to join in the celebration. This alleviates some pressure on parents to include the entire class in the actual birthday party, but allows your child to celebrate and network with their classmates. And a birthday celebration allows the kids a little break in the mundane day to day-ness that is school.

Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Parties – First Things First

Before even considering planning a school party for your child you need to check with the teacher to ensure that they are allowed, and if so, what kind of restrictions are there.

Once it has been determined that you can include your child’s classmates in the celebration, you can start planning! Although fairly obvious, it’s safe to say that any school party needs to be kept very simple. It cannot be a huge blowout or all future parties will be cancelled. Be sure to follow the rules so you don’t ruin it for the other birthday boys and girls.

If you’re unsure of how to proceed, be sure to check out, a web site for teachers. Although geared to teachers, they have some great suggestions to help plan your child’s school birthday celebration.

Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Parties – Food

Like any party, food is always important. But at a school party there are far more restrictions than your home party. Allergies must be considered. Most schools have food policies in place so be sure to stick to them! Nothing kills a party like teacher (rightfully) sending the treats home unopened. And check out if cupcakes (much easier than cake) are allowed. Your child’s school may have a healthy food only policy in place.

One mom blogger suggests that parents bring plates and utensils (most classes don’t have them) and remain to help clean up. Nothing puts a damper on things for the teacher like leaving cleanup. With 30 odd students, that can get old real fast!

Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Parties – Party Favors

Again, be sure to check with the school to see if party favors are allowed. If they are, keep it simple!! Generally one item per child is sufficient with stickers, pencils and dollar store toys at the top of the list. You should never, ever, do loot bags for school birthday parties. Not only are they a huge distraction for the kids, but it sets a dangerous precedent for future parties.

A school birthday party is intended to help your child celebrate their special day with their classmates, but should not take the place of their “real” birthday party. If you check out the rules set in place by the school and plan accordingly, your child’s school birthday party will make them the hit of the classroom!

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