How To Have A Green/Eco Friendly Wedding

Recently I was invited to an Eco-friendly green wedding. Instead of the standard moans and groans I was actually really looking forward to attending and yes celebrating a friend’s special day. But truly I was also hoping to discover some additional ways to incorporate being Eco-friendly and green into party and event planning.

An Eco-friendly wedding is where by way of the wedding planning, the bridal couple attempts to reduce the effect and impression their wedding has on the earth. When planning all those wedding details bridal couples will organize and arrange Eco-friendly options for green wedding invitations, decorations, the dress and everything else on the ever growing checklist.

With average wedding costs sky high that in turn leave behind an enormous footprint why not take planning to a new level. A place where you still have that oh so special event of your dreams while at the same time reduce all that not needed excess and consumption.

Planning a Green Wedding, Where to Start…

My friends were already living an Eco-friendly green life and wanted to reflect that on their special day. First thing that struck me was by throwing an Eco-friendly green wedding it didn’t mean that the wedding lacked in love, splendor or beauty. The key to planning an eco-friendly green event or wedding is to not only remember the three Rs, reuse, recycle and reduce but to use them.

Incorporating Green Wedding ideas, Let the Planning Begin…

Eco-friendly green weddings do not automatically mean expensive but they certainly can increase the work load. While I truly had a blast at the wedding I also came left with some easy to apply takeaways. So here are some really great green wedding ideas to reduce your wedding carbon footprint.

Instead of receiving a save the date card we received a save the date email. Now I know most wedding etiquette experts say that paper invitations and not electronic ones are the way to go. And the actual wedding invitation did come in the mail on 100% recycled paper. The invitation then directed us to a website to RSVP and find directions.

The ceremony and reception were held at the same venue. And the ceremony was held outdoors and that way they not only saved money they used Mother Nature for the ceremony decorations. After the ceremony we moved indoors for the reception. All and I do mean all the wedding décor was recycled. The bridal couple spent the year prior getting in touch with various brides and grooms and collecting gently used wedding decor. Each table centerpiece was equally special but differently unique from the next. The limited amount of flowers used was locally sourced, organically grown and truly beautiful.

The bride didn’t compromise on her dress and really what bride does, she wanted to look stunning and she did. The dress was purchased second hand, with a slight alteration here and there, you couldn’t even tell. In the interest of Eco-friendliness the bride plans to ensure her dress has a third life and will be passing it on to another Eco-friendly bride.

Wedding experts say these days a wedding favor, whether an Eco-friendly wedding favor or not, is really more an option than a must. At the wedding I attended instead of handing out favors they donated money to an Eco-friendly green cause very close to their heart. It was a win-win situation.

Food glorious food… The menu was vegetarian based, locally sourced and organically grown and truly delicious. The food was set up buffet style and instead of a traditional wedding cake, a wonderful cupcake cake was available, so guests took only what they wanted saving on food waste. The wine served was organic and as we all know in the past organic wines have had a less than stellar reputation. Well I’m here to tell you, times have definitely changed and now there are some pretty tasty organic wines available.

Now is the time to take care of our planet and it can be done! Start with small changes and before you know it you will have stopped some of the unnecessary and needless consumption, while still creating a wonderful, loving wedding that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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