Hotels near the Anaheim Convention Center

Have you ever wondered how much of an impact a convention center has on the local economy? One indicator would be the amount of hotels that you would see in the immediate area. For this article we”re taking a look at hotels around the Anaheim Convention Center. And I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what has put Anaheim on the map. Yes it’s Mickey Mouse, of course.

If you’ve ever been to Disneyland then I’m sure you’ve noticed that there seems to be a lot of hotels in the surrounding area. Of course that’s what you would expect to see with an attraction as popular as Disneyland. But what”s also unique to the area is that the Anaheim Convention Center is not that far from Disneyland (within a mile). What’s interesting about this particular area is that you see of mix older, renovated, motels/hotels set amongst the newer, more recognizable, brand-name hotels that you often see around, you guessed it, convention centers.

A quick search on Expedia will show you that there are many hotels within just a 1 mile radius. Anaheim is blessed with year-round weather which is attractive for the meetings and events industry. It’s one of those unique geographical areas that allow conferences to host meetings there all year long. Unlike some warm climates, Anaheim is never really too hot in the summer nor is it too cold in the winter. An ideal setting for the convention industry.

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Some Tips for Selecting Hotels near the Anaheim Convention Center

If you’re attending a conference, you’ll most likely be presented with a list of hotels that are part of the convention’s room block. What this means is that the meeting planner, as part of their preparation for their conferences, usually negotiates room rates with hotels that are within a set radius of the convention center. I suggest that you look at those rates from your conference’s website and then do a quick comparison to what the rate is on sites such as Expedia, etc. Then you’ll have some negotiating room when talking to the conference’s housing bureau or the hotel’s reservation department.

If you plan on staying near the convention center, but you’re not attending a conference there, I suggest you look on the Anaheim Convention Center’s website to see what conferences are occurring during your visit dates. The reason I bring this up is that if there is a large conference occurring, chances are room rates at all hotels in the area will increase. If you’re flexible with your dates, my advice would be to select a period when the convention center does not have large groups booked. Your chances of getting a good room rate will increase.

There’s no doubt that convention centers are crucial to the local economy of the cities that they are in. Anaheim, in particular, is doubly blessed in that not only do they have a world-class convention center, they also have Disneyland. And just a scan of what hotels are available within a 1 mile radius will tell you that business seems to be booming.

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