For some planning a dinner party can be a very stressful experience. But I say don’t let that stop you from doing it. The secret to a successful dinner party is it takes a whole lot of organizing and planning to get it done. By taking the time to plan out a party will help to ensure a good time is had by all.

When imagining that picture perfect dinner party. Most of us see a small gathering of loved ones laughing, enjoying delicious food and wine and connecting through great conversation. None of us consider all the things that can and for some have gone wrong. An ideal dinner party brings together a dash of the host’s ideas and abilities mixed with what works in the kitchen. It is the perfect chance to bring friends together while the host gets to show their style and finesse.

Successful Dinner Party Planning – It’s all in the “P”

Planning a dinner party can create some challenges. But when we are able to throw a successful dinner party it’s a game changer. Success comes with the three “P’s”. Planning, planning and yep you guessed it planning. It’s a chance for party guests to see the host’s personality shine through. As I always say, if you’re feeling it, don’t hesitate go for it. Having said that when planning that dinner party there are a bunch of dos and don’ts that will help the host find their sweet spot.

Six Don’ts to Consider when Planning a Dinner Party

I just helped a friend plan and execute a dinner party and was reminded of some of the things to avoid. There is so much to work through when creating that just right party plan. Coming up with the guest list, theme, decor, flowers and menu to name just a few. So let’s get started, here are some handy DON’Ts to avoid.

Don’t forget the checklist. There is an endless list of details and tasks to accomplish. The use of a party checklist will help you to remember all the specifics. Keep in mind something will go wrong but with all your preparation you can handle it.

Don’t blow the budget. Special times call for a special experience. And we all want to impress. But a dinner party with loved ones is all about the spending time together. Making expensive, elaborate and extravagant not really part of the picture.

Don’t try something new. A dinner party is never the time to experiment. Always go with something tried and true. So there are no surprises for you or the guests.

Don’t serve tricky or difficult foods. Follow the KISS rule. Keep it simple silly. You want your guests to feel comfortable and enjoy. So serve food that is not only delicious and known but easy to eat.

Don’t break the bank on alcohol. There are lots of great wines on the market that are not outrageously priced. Do your research and you will find a list of delicious wines and champagnes that will fit appropriately into your budget.

Don’t stress. It’s been said a time or two, planning a party can be stressful. Try and enjoy the process. Parties and planning parties are supposed to be enjoyable. So don’t stress or sweat the small stuff.

Six Dos to Planning a Successful Dinner Party

Now that the don’ts have been covered let’s focus on the positive with some handy dinner party Dos.

Do plan ahead. Time is definitely on your side. The more you can do prior to the party the better off you’ll be. Create a budget. Decide what is important to you. Track down and stock up on supplies and good deals. Now is the time to start planning.

Do utilize lists. With so many things to do and remember your savior are lists. In addition to the party checklist my recommendations is to have a list of what you need to buy and a list of what you need to accomplish. With that covered you are well on your way to success.

Do plan the menu. Spend some time creating a menu that will work for everyone. You want to come up with a trouble free menu that allows for the host to still enjoy the party. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the kitchen and missing all the fun.

Do prepare a playlist. Music makes everything better. It really helps to set the mood for the night. Consider your guests and select music that they will enjoy and that reflects the tone of the evening. And always ensure you have plenty of music prepared to last the entire evening.

Do control your wants and desires. In this not so perfect world. When it comes to parties, it’s Murphy’s Law. Something will go wrong. We all aim for perfection when it comes to throwing a party. So be prepared to be flexible and roll with the punches.

Do have FUN. After all you’re hard work. Remember to chill out and have FUN!

Organizing and throwing a dinner party can definitely create some challenges and stress. Don’t forget to look the big picture and consider what is important to you. Create a plan and use whatever tools and help that will aid in planning exactly the soiree you want. And I am sure a great time will be had by all.

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