Event decoration can be sustainable. And when it comes to planning an event, it can in fact, be both successful and green. The majority of events, any kind of event has a big influence on our surroundings. And while we care about the environment we often forget about it when we are on the go planning. From event decoration to food and beverage to transportation; events easily create a substantial amount of excess. Having said that there are lots of easy ways all of us can help bring the glow of green to our events.

Saving the Planet One Event Decoration at a Time

Becoming sustainable and green doesn’t just happen by accident. It takes time and action to create change and make a difference. And with the recent Earth Day celebrations, it got me thinking. Now is perfect time to take steps to help make our planet a better and more environmentally balance place. Many an event planner have already come on board and do their part to add to the green cause. By reducing their carbon footprint and participating in the environmental green fix. But there are so many others of us that need to hop on board and start making eco-friendly modifications.

13 Ways to Making Event Decoration Green

Grabbing the “green” bull by the horn and making changes, at first is never easy. But have no fear. There are lots of economical, straightforward and effortless ways to revamp an event and event decoration specifically. And when it does come to decor there are a bunch of event decoration ideas to get you started on greening your event.

• Reuse event design and decor from previous events
• Use live plants and have the guests bring them home
• Use seasonal flowers and donate them after the event
• Utilize biodegradable tableware and event decoration
• Use dazzling foods and other sustainable items for the centerpieces
• Bring the outdoors in and use living plants on the table as centerpieces
• If workable, use reusable napkins and tablecloths
• Decorate with biodegradable balloons
• Use food like fruits and veggies to decorate the event space
• Reuse vintage (old) table linens, knick-knacks and ornaments
• Whenever appropriate and possible go with natural and environmental components
• Use fabric, it will make all the difference
• Replace the light bulbs with LED’s

Going event green doesn’t have to be hard or cost bundles. There are lots of impressive possibilities to think about and implement. Just turning the thermostat down is a great step on the way to eco-friendly events. Every step helps and when it’s all said and done, it’s about helping the Earth. So reduce your carbon footprint in any way you can.

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