Frugal Event Budget? Don’t Worry There are Options.

n the world of event planning there’s a phrase that we hear all too often: it’s just not in the budget. While it’s obvious that the bigger the budget the splashier the event, having a frugal event budget doesn’t mean that your event has to be dull. Rather with a little bit of creativity and organizational skills you can still plan and execute a memorable event.

Having an event budget template is crucial to keep your costs in check. I recently wrote an article, How a Venue Budget Worksheet Made Me a Better Planner, explaining how I use Excel budget templates to determine my budget. You can also download the event budget template.

A Frugal Event Budget Means That You Just Have To Be a Little Bit More Creative

Before you think that you have no money in the budget for certain item lines you may want to consider some alternatives. For example, if you’re interested in hosting an evening event consider having the event inside your hotel rather than taking the group off-site where transportation cost and venue rental fees would add additional costs.

Here are a few tips to keep your budget in check:

Stay Organized. Use an event planning template (or party planning template if the case may be) and map out the various components of your event.

Cut a Course out of the Menu. If food and beverage is involved consider eliminating a course off the menu. Also take advantage of our beverage calculator so that you don’t over order alcohol.

Decor. Depending on the type of event, considered decor alternatives such as balloon entrances, centerpieces etc.

Free Promotion Channels.  No money in the budget to promote your event? Well if you’ve kept your social media accounts current then why not use them to promote your event. Especially if your organization communicates regularly with the people that you want to attend.

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Having a frugal event budget doesn’t mean the end of the world. With a little creativity and organization you can still plan and execute a successful event.

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