When it comes to successful event planning and events kudos to the planners!

With the Olympics in the fore front for the last couple of weeks with great opening and closing ceremonies to so many unbelievable events in between. A big fat kudos to all involved from the planners to the volunteers and to every single other person in between, you should all be very proud.

Event Planning – What Does it Take?

As we all know event planning is not exactly brain surgery we should not, for one minute, underestimate what it truly does take to be successful at the event planning game.

A successful event is based on so many different factors. And if I have learned anything, when considering the overall success of any event or meeting the ability to view the big picture from a strategic eye goes hand and hand with the ability to break down your goals. And by starting with these two points you are already closer to accomplishing your objectives for overall event success. And nothing and I do mean nothing goes according to the plan. And even when you think it will, I am here to tell you, it won’t. Something or someone will be late or won’t arrive at all, so having a back-up plan or a Plan B as I fondly call it will ensure you can achieve all things possible.

Event Planning – Four More Steps to Get You Planning

One you are able to set the event goals and objectives you will then be able to determine all the other factors that should follow.

Create the Budget – Prior to making arrangements for anything whether it be travel, accommodations, printing or any other item, it is imperative to design a budget that incorporates all projected spending. By determining the anticipated expenses ahead of time and then by adhering to the budget will help you to stay on track and to avoid overspending.

Select the Right Location – Picking the best location for your event is essential as it’s the structure for everything that will follow. The location should be in harmony with the event type and the environment and ambiance you want to create. And take into account the audience you want to attend, as well as accessibility, convenience and the weather. Consider only those locales that can accommodate the type of event and number of attendees and you are on your way.

Organize Service Companies – Lets face it we all need help. No event planner is an island and able to pull it all off without some assistance. The ultimate in event success comes with contracting not only the most suitable and appropriate service companies but the right ones for you too. Nine times out of ten partnering with the right service company will help you to save money, time and a whole lot of stress.

Complete The Details – The next step is a crucial one and should never and I mean never be missed. Review, review, review! Prior to the start of the event(s) be sure to double check, triple check even quadruple check every single detail. Review the check-list and to-do list, ensure everything has been finalized, dot your “I’s” and cross your “T’s”. And when the time is here, be sure that your entire team and everyone else involved has their information and knows exactly what they are doing and when.

Final Thoughts

Yes there is so much more that goes into successful event planning. And there are so many other factors that we haven’t even touched on; site inspections, negotiations, venues, bookings, speakers, AV and literally the list is endless. These basic blog tips will help you to get started. And before you get started with your successful event planning, a couple of important things to bear in mind; know your event goals and objectives and recognize your audience wants.

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