If you’ve ever attended a conference, chances are part of it included some type of entertainment. And if you were the attendee, you probably enjoyed the lighthearted session. However, if you were the event planner, chances are that the entertainment component was the one part of the event planning that you put off until the very end. I should’ve said “if you’re like me” in that previous sentence.

Most conferences, especially the larger ones, have an entertainment component to them. You may be thinking that this is an unnecessary expense. However, you’d be surprised to find out that the entertainment component can actually be a drawing card for your event or conference. Whether it be a well-known keynote speaker, a musical band or a comedian, entertainment can be anything but an additional expense.

Event Planning – The Entertainment Should Match the Attendees Group Profile

As a DMC (Destination Management Company) providing entertainment ideas was, for me, just part of the event planning process. We had very good relationships with many talent agencies in the cities that we worked in. And let me tell you those relationships were golden. One of the hardest obstacles, when pitching entertainment, was convincing the event planner to match the entertainment for the group not for him or her. I guess that”s what separate the pros from the amateurs. Enough said.

One entertainment idea that I had pitched several times was a hypnotist. But one of them most common roadblocks that I would often get from an event planner would be that he or she was concerned that their attendees would be embarrassed. A valid concern. Which is why I always recommend working with talent booking agencies as they have a good understanding of the talent that they represent and should be able to match your needs. Additionally, most hypnotists will tell you that anybody under the influence of hypnosis would not do anything that they wouldn’t do when they were fully alert. Geez that makes you wonder about some people then.

Conference Entertainment Is a Crucial Part of the Event Planning Process

Entertainment can be looked upon as a crowd drawer. While many of us look at it as an extra step and an addition to the overall budget, the fact of the matter is that entertainment can actually help you achieve the numbers that you’re forecasting. But remember, it’s vital that you match the entertainment you’re offering with the group that you”re attracting. Otherwise you could have a very uncomfortable session.

So take a moment, sit back and grab a coffee, and have a chuckle as you watch these unsuspecting people entertain a group.  The power of hypnosis – it’s almost spooky, but it’s certainly funny.

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