Event Planning Degrees; an Investment in Your Career and Yourself

So you have your undergraduate degree and you still don’t know what you want to do. Your thoughts are turning to a career in the Hospitality and Event Management Industry.  This growing trend is being met head on by many colleges and universities around the world.  More and more colleges are offering post graduate event planning degrees and diplomas in Hospitality Industry related fields.   From Hotel and/or F&B Management to travel and tourism to event and conference planning.  People with little or no industry experience but who have completed an undergraduate degree in another field are turning to these schools to gain the insight, and contacts that they need to launch their careers in the Hospitality Industry.

Event Planning Courses also Provide Many Future Contacts

The contacts that you make as you complete a post graduate program can be very valuable.  The hardest part of launching a new career is getting your foot in that door.  Many school, such as Toronto’s  Humber Institute of Advanced Learning & Technology provide their post graduate hospitality students with an internship.  The Humber School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism offers a one year, post graduate certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management.   Humber’s Business School also had a post graduate program having recently created a one year, post graduate Event Management certificate program.  This allows those people who have a passion for the industry and an undergraduate degree in another field but no prior experience to gain that hard to get “first job” while connecting them with industry leaders and potential employers.  Once you get that first reference…doors may open a bit more quickly as your build your event management career.

Well-Known Institutions That Offer Postgraduate Event Planning Degrees

With event management becoming an attractive career option for more and more people we thought we’d give you a quick overview of some of the  more well know colleges and universities that offer post graduate programs in the field.

Even if your Bachelor”s degree was not directly focused on events management, you can pursue a relevant postgraduate diploma or a Master”s degree. The Fitzwilliam Institute offers postgraduate diplomas in conference planning, exhibition management, corporate event planning and festival event management. If you want to continue your education abroad, the Leeds Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom offers an MSc in Events Management.

  • Fitzwilliam Institute – Dublin Ireland

Distance learning post graduate

Offers a Master in International Events Management

  • The European School of Economics – New York City Campus
  • Institute of Integrated Markting, Communication & Management- India
  •  NYU School of Continuing Studies – NYC

Final Thoughts

So for any of you that are serious about continuing your education (and career) in event planning, take a look at what these schools are offering. In addition to the sample list above, contact your local colleges and universities to see if they too offer event planning degrees and or certificates for event and conference planning.

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