So you want to be an event planner. Now what?

Do you simply hit the streets and submit an event planner resume to as many companies as possible? Well, while that is one way of getting your name out there, it may not necessarily be the most effective way to promote yourself in the meetings and events industry. Many Human Resource professionals say that one of the most important items, or actions, that they look for when interviewing are results. In other words, what have you done and what was the outcome?

Event Planning Resume, Matching Your Skill Set with the Right Job

Not all event planner jobs are created equal. Depending on the organization, some may be looking for individuals that possess budgeting skills whereas others may be more interested in a person’s sales and marketing ability.

Tips on Narrowing Your Event Planner Job Search:

Skill Set. The first step is to determine what your strengths are. Then when reviewing job ads, try to narrow down the skills that they are seeking. Be honest with yourself.

Networking. Join major industry associations (Meeting Professionals International, Professional Convention Management Association, CVB’s, for example). Attend industry events. Many times, most jobs are found through networking with colleagues.

Social Media. It’s vital that your online life/activity reflects who you are. It’s no secret that most potential employers will look at your social media accounts. Make sure that your social media accounts represent you in the event planning world correctly. Your potential boss will not be impressed with pictures of your late-night partying from last weekend.

Event Planning Resume, What the Interviewer is Looking for in You

Of course every employer wants to know that you’re capable of doing the job in which they are interviewing you for. So obviously experience and education will be at the forefront of what a prospective employer is seeking. However, many top hirers have told me that the individual’s personality also plays a vital role in the interviewing process.

Other Aspects of Your Event Planner Resume That Will Be Scrutinized Are:


  • The size of groups that you’ve worked with
  • The types of groups you worked with
  • The number of groups that you worked with


  • Industry certification
  • Education as it relates to the industry

Industry Engagement/Networking

  • How involved are you in industry associations
  • Your social media accounts and how you interact with other industry professionals

Event Planning Resume, Additional Resources

Final Thoughts

I’ve always said to those considering a career in event planning that it won’t take you long to know whether or not this industry is suited for you. An event planner resume alone may not be enough to land you the coveted job. An interviewer wants to see if your passion matches your experience. If you are suited for the industry your passion will show in your personality. A final tip: always make sure to do your homework and research the companies that you are applying to for a job.

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