Easter Party Planning and Fun!

When knee deep into winter I am always looking for signs that spring is on the way; an unusually warm day, the groundhog and his shadow or Easter just around the corner. In my mind when Easter arrives so does spring and is a perfect time to start holiday party planning.  While Easter is a religious holiday for some, for others it’s all about traditions and family. And no matter what your religion Easter can be a time of laughter and joy. Growing up my family did not celebrate Easter but we never felt left out as every year we received a shoebox filled with Easter goodies. Proving no matter the age or beliefs many kids look forward to the party fun, the Easter bunny, Easter eggs and yes yummy treats.

There really are loads of party planning ideas to ensure your Easter celebration is not only picture-perfect but organized and joy filled as well. And with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness that fun-filled, stress-free party can easily be planned and loved by all; kids and adults alike.

Easter Party Planning – The Decorations

Of course an Easter party is all about the pastel colors; pink, yellow, green and blue. Decorate the space with themed banners and signs. You can make or purchase Easter bunnies and chicks and place and hang them literally everywhere. And then enhance the space with colorful streamers and lots of balloons. Use the balloons to create bouquets and arrange them around the room. Take baskets and fill them with treats or fake grass and plastic eggs and scatter then around. A visit on-line or to a favorite retailer you will find a variety of Easter bits and pieces that can be used to decorate. One year I made a huge table centerpiece using only Easter themed treats; eggs, chocolate, candy, baskets and are you ready the highlight; Easter Peeps of all colors and it was spectacular (if I do say so myself) and definitely the hit of the party.

Easter Party Planning – Let The Games Begin

What’s an Easter celebration without some entertaining games that guests are certain to enjoy? Party games up the fun ante and are easily adaptable for kids of all ages. The game list is long and for me starts with egg decorating by taking a dyed egg that can be decorated using colored markers, glitter, glue, sequins, stencils, stickers and beads. Set up an Easter egg or scavenger hunt, pin the “tail” on the bunny, jelly bean guess, egg pass and musical chairs. Most party games are easy to revise for Easter, for example take Simon Says and make it the Easter Bunny Says. By including some of these entertaining, keep them busy games you are this close to Easter party fun!

Easter Party Planning – The Goody Bag

If you’ve read any of my past blogs you know for me it’s all about the treats and goody bags. Whenever possible and appropriate I always, always provide goody bags for guests. Planning and hosting a party can cost, but have no fear, goody bags can be organized without breaking the bank. And with so much available, this time of year is the perfect time for goody bag delights. A recipe for success is to have “a little of this and a little of that”. Enhance the Easter chocolate and candy with other Easter themed toys and trinkets. The delicious chocolate and candy will be the first to go but the toys will provide hours of amusement.

No matter the type of celebration, party planning can be a costly and stressful scenario. These days with so much help on-line and at our local retailers we can turn it around and make it a most eggcellent experience. So with Easter just around the corner get party planning.

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