Dress for Success and the Interview

Dress for success is essential to getting hired. But you already knew that. You are what you wear, right? Do you think you’re evaluated based on what you wear? We all want to believe we’re not. But the truth is that is exactly what happens.

When interviewing candidates we all utilize some sort of time savers to help speed things along. With resumes I always spend a minute or two on the regular stuff; experience and education. But when it comes to the skills and summary of qualifications I’m inclined to spend a bit of extra time. And when I am interviewing candidates I access eye contact, the three C’s (cool, calm and collected) and how they are dressed.

Dress for Success is Key

Whether we agree or even like it, most times we only have the briefest moments to make a good impression. And moments can be fleeting especially when a job interview is involved. The clothes, personality, behavior and appearance definitely have a hand in shaping one’s opinions. And if you want be taken seriously, win someone over and hopefully ace that interview then I say look in the mirror.

When it comes to dressing for an interview, every job or career doesn’t demand the same kind of wardroom. Then what’s a person to do to achieve their best dress for success look. First and foremost when pulling things together for an interview always, always dress appropriately. And if you’re not familiar with the company philosophy think suitable and appropriate and you’ll be on your way.

7 Hints for Dressing for Success and Getting Ahead

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Making a perfect first impression is one of the keys to success. You want to make your mark. So be organized and take the time to get ready for the interview. You will not only be judged on your performance but your appearance as well.

  • Know your Look and dress suitably.
  • Keep It Simple. Less can be more.
  • Don’t forget the polish, show polish.
  • Stay on top of good grooming.
  • Keep jewellery and fragrances to a minimum.
  • Buy an Iron.
  • A good fit goes a long way to your confidence.

The job isn’t automatically yours just because you took dressing for success seriously. But if you don’t dress for success you won’t have a chance. A job interview is the last place to start testing the waters. And while dressing conservatively may not be your bag. And it can feel a tad traditional and constricting. Most organizations can still be a bit old-school so take this opportunity to raise your game.

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