Turn up the Music, Pop the Cork, It’s Divorce Party Time!

Have you heard of a divorce party? Like a wedding ceremony celebrates the start of a relationship. A divorce party celebrates the end of a relationship. And lately divorce parties have become more fashionable and in trend. What’s better than having a group of friends drink in hand rooting for you?  And these days a divorce party is all the rage. Sounds odd and funny to even say that. As divorce is one of the more painful experiences to go through. Why celebrate? In the end divorce parties are a great way to open the door to all the new opportunities that await. A fun way to declare and celebrate your singleton.

Believe it or not, a divorce party is now a big part of our world. Many feel like a divorce party and divorce party ideas are vulgar and tacky. While others accept and welcome them, understanding the help they can provide during some difficult times. A divorce party is more about going from disaster to freedom. And so many find it’s more about healing and recovery. A celebration about hope and looking ahead to what’s to come.

Don’t Hold Back when Throwing a Divorce Party

A divorce party is a big indicator to your circle that the marriage is over. And along with the marriage (hopefully) the headache and sorrow is gone too. Like the tradition of the wedding a divorce party helps one deal with the family shift. It’s a loving chance to get together with devoted and adored friends and let loose. Let it all out; talk and feel, laugh and cry, moan and whine and everything else in between. A divorce party is all about kinship, soothing, consoling and encouragement. When friends and family host or attend a party celebrating your divorce, it demonstrates and reinforces their love and support. And for those throwing their own divorce party it’s a wonderful opportunity for the divorcee to acknowledge and express thanks to all those that encouraged, helped and championed them along the way.

Why have a Divorce Party?

Some say it’s ridiculous to commemorate the collapse of anything but especially a marriage. Others say after all the blood, sweat, tears and often money it takes to end a union; why not celebrate the future and a new beginning.

It can be a sad time. Depending on so much this can be an emotional and hard time. A party can be a great release. You can surround yourself with loved ones and express your emotions with whatever you’re feeling; laughter, glee and sadness.

Remove the negativity. No matter who you are divorce can be a lengthy and upsetting course of action. A divorce party marks the end, one door closing while another one is opening. A time to celebrate the onward and upward.

Show how thankful and grateful you are for your friends. Divorce really shows you who your real friends are. A divorce party is a nice way to show your appreciation and say thank you for the loyalty and support.

Revise your story. A divorce party is a marker of things to come. Life is different now, you’re single and hopefully ready to mingle. And it’s all about accepting things and moving on; towards a life filled with joy and contentment. A divorce party is a great coming out and the perfect way to re-tell your story.

In the end a divorce party has everything to do with supporting and celebrating someone going through a divorce. Providing encouragement and positiveness and letting them know that there are only great things on the horizon. Now that’s something to celebrate!

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