Corporate Meeting Planning – Site Inspections

Without a proper site inspection who knows what horrors are lurking. Although you may have worked in that city or at that venue just a few years ago, things may have changed and gone from fabulous to funky (and not in a good way).

Site inspections are an important part of the corporate meeting planning industry. A simple site inspection can save you time and embarrassment and will definitely help with your bottom line.

Corporate Meeting Planning – Site Inspections – Help…

So work has begun on an annual conference, a couple of years down the road, with a short list of potential cities being considered. You and your corporation are leaning several ways and are not sure of which direction you should choose. What has been agreed upon are the three possible cities, each with specific qualities, that will benefit the conference. And while there are endless decisions to be made, number one…where should we hold the conference?

Site inspections will always assist in helping you decide. When working on “larger” conferences, often a minimum of two or three site inspections can be needed.

Corporate Meeting Planning – Site Inspections – Convention and Visitors Bureaus…

During the city selection process, it is recommended that you work with the local Convention and Visitors Bureau(CVB). Working with the local CVB will help in untold ways. The CVB will assist you in liaising with vendors and service companies as well as obtaining proposals and so much more. I have found the services a CVB will provide during the planning process, and beyond, to be invaluable. Their considerable knowledge can give you an advantage as they assist with the A to Z’s of their city and of the site inspections. They will develop and design the site inspection itinerary for you including setting up appointments, timelines and necessary transportation.

Corporate Meeting Planning – A Big Round of Applause for Site Inspections!

Every city is different and the services provided as part of their conference package also differs. The site inspection gives you the opportunity to see the city and the venues; to meet with the vendors and service companies; to tour the hotels and convention center and figure out what’s included and what’s not. Figure out the logistics and begin to develop relationships. It provides the opportunity for the planner to envision what can and cannot be done, based on the conference needs and the range of services the city and it‘s providers can actually deliver.

Once the city, accommodations, service companies and vendors are selected, another site inspection in the future is recommended. There is something to be said about actually seeing, touching and planning on-site. Many times my team and I have sat in the corner of a convention center, a year or so out, while another convention is setting up. Being in the space, seeing their operations in actions, and being able to walk it, measure it, make comparisons and reach those final decisions on-site with your entire team, adds to the success of your event, meeting and/or conference.

Whether you work with a Convention and Visitors Bureau to set up a site inspection or you put it together on your own, site inspections are an essential part of Corporate Meeting Planning.

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