Corporate Events Planning – The Modern Office Holiday Party

Whether you say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa or just good old Happy Holidays…`tis the season! It’s the season for giving and the season for celebrating. And for most us (most importantly) the season for partying! And even with the current economic climate, most companies still try to make sure that they offer up some sort of holiday celebration so their staff can enjoy and will know that, yes, they are appreciated.

Corporate Events Planning – Planning the Right Holiday Bash

Things are a little tougher so the blow out party days are generally on a bit of a hold right now. Most companies want to continue the tradition of celebrating the season (regardless of which holiday you celebrate) but may not be able to afford the big events of the past. There are a lot of ways of having a great holiday party, without declaring Chapter Eleven. It`s really just about deciding what is right for your company.

Corporate Events Planning – Different Types of Holiday Parties

The Big Blowout Bash – Although not as rare as the Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat, the holiday Big Blowout Bash has become a little more rare over the last few years. But fear not! As times improve, so do sightings of the Big Blowout Bash. Whether it’s at a hotel, restaurant or some other fabulous venue, the Big Blowout Bash includes a succulent menu, loads of drinks and lots of gifts (sometimes as a raffle, sometimes as a door prize and sometimes everyone gets a gift). People leave the party, often a little inebriated, feeling like they’ve been to something special. The disadvantage to the Big Blowout Bash; costs are high and they are often lacking a personal touch.

The Holiday Luncheon – The Holiday Luncheon is a great, lower cost option than the Big Blowout Bash. There are advantages to both catering in or going out. When you cater it in the office you keep costs down, there is little (if any) alcohol consumption and you can supplement the meal with other items, both store bought or homemade. The out of the office luncheon also has its advantages. They are more cost effective than the Big Blowout Bash, no spouses attend (also keeping costs down) so there is more opportunity for employee bonding and everyone enjoys getting out of the office and the chance to really enjoy the day.

The Potluck – I love a good pot luck, especially if I’m working in a multicultural office. The food is always varied and extremely tasty! And it’s a fun chance to show off our various cooking skills and recipes to our colleagues. Some people feel like The Potluck is a cop out because the company doesn’t foot the bill, but a few raffles and door prizes for the staff can go a long way in changing those opinions.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a fancy party at the Four Seasons or a house party at the bosses place. The holiday party is a great way of showing your team that you care and it’s a fun way for staff to bond while celebrating the joy of the season.

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