Corporate Event Ideas – Three Suggestions for Entertainment

When looking at any company’s annual calendar, corporate events are important. These corporate event ideas help promote the business, both externally and internally. It is also possible to reinforce corporate messages and brand values with corporate events. A good event can improve staff morale and forge links with existing and potential clients.

Understandably, you want your attendees to have a great time. You would not want a disappointing event that people are going to be discussing for weeks to come, especially because an event also involves the reputation of a company. If you want to avoid the same stuffy events, consider these three ideas for corporate event entertainment.

3 Fresh Corporate Event Ideas for Entertainment

 1) Book a Celebrity

Booking a Celeb keeps a corporate event interesting

It is possible to generate a great deal of excitement for events by booking a celebrity. This is especially true for musicians because they can generate a great atmosphere while simultaneously adding to the prestige of the event.

It is important to book a celebrity that matches up with the goals of the event however. Companies have to be aware of who they are bringing into the event and ensure that the values that the celebrity represents align with their own. Services like Booking Agent Info can provide you with contact information for the celebrities representation who handles their bookings.

2) Book an Athlete

You know Sir Charles would be a hit.

Even though some would argue that athletes are celebrities in their own right, booking an athlete has a number of other benefits for your corporate event. The first thing to note is that, with the right crowd, a popular athlete is going to be an immediate hit.

There is a reason that sports metaphors work as well as they do in the corporate: because most people are capable of relating to them and these metaphors can really help motivate people. Having an athlete regale employees with stories about making it through adversity or how to make it to the proverbial finish line can really help inspire people.

Just as with booking a celebrity, it is important to find an athlete that is going to resonate with your audience. Event planners can use Thuzio to find professional athletes in their area that would be available for the event.

3) Book a local band

Local or Regional bands promote good will

One of the benefits of booking a local band for your corporate event is that it creates immediate goodwill with the audience. Simply put, audiences love the ‘hometown’ performers that represent the city they are in.

Secondly, keep in mind that people at your corporate event may also already be acquainted with the performers if you decide to hire local. This is going to generate additional interest that you might not always get with an equally talented band from out of town. If you are unsure what nearby bands and entertainers are available, you can try a service like Gig Salad to find local talent that is sure to get the event going.

Make your Event a Success

When you are planning your corporate event, it is important that you think creatively in terms of your corporate entertainment. These events are the perfect opportunity to promote team building, to network, and to show appreciation. Make sure that you make your next corporate event a success by following one of these three ideas.

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