Conference Planning Software – How Technology Has Changed the Industry

OK, time to age myself…

I remember when I got my first bank card. The banks were talking about how soon, all of your financial information would be connected to that one little card. Bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages. You wouldn’t need to carry cash and checks would become obsolete. Stores, restaurants and even vending machines would all accept this one little piece of plastic.

It kind of freaked me out at the time. Everything being so computerized and connected seemed almost dangerous. Not Hal (2001, A Space Odyssey) dangerous. I’m not that neurotic. More of a disbelieving, if you lose it you’re screwed, kind of dangerous.

But like the vast majority, I’ve embraced technology and, for the most part, appreciate how it has enhanced and improved our lives, both at home and at work.

Conference Planning Software – Is It Right for You?

There are several different options for planners to look at when considering conference planning software. There are some softwares available that can help you plan your entire conference, every little detail, from a to z. It will cover everything from catering and staffing to booking and management. It`s almost like meeting planning for dummies. They (figuratively) take you by the hand and walk you through planning your event step by step, ensuring no details or deadlines are left unattended.

But many planners have been on the job for years and are pretty amazing at what they do. For some planners, an expensive software may not be properly utilized and therefore, not the most cost effective investment. But for newer planners, or perhaps those “in-house” who have seen their job descriptions changed to include planning, it can be your best friend.

Conference Planning Software – Free Options

There several websites that most planners find extremely helpful, while still allowing them to plan their own meetings., the meeting planner’s best resource, is one of those sites. A comprehensive tool, it offers users information regarding over 16,000 vendors and suppliers in 24 different North American cities. There are 18 different categories on this free web site, including venues, transportation, staffing, gifts and more.

Conference Planning Software – Other Software Options…

And while many planners may use an all encompassing software to plan their entire event, many will use specific software for certain components. And with an emphasis on saving money, budgeting software tends to be among the more popular choices available, along with registration and invoicing and tracking.

Conference Planning Software – Don`t Be Frightened!!

Like most technologies, conference planning software has become more relevant and far more user friendly. They can assist you from planning to the execution stages of your program. And whether you are using it to plan your entire conference, or one or two small components, anything that can simplify the process and contribute to the smooth running of a program is a welcome addition to the industry.

Technology is always offering something new and exciting. Staying current and keeping an open mind has always been an important part of the job. And being aware of what is available may help make your job a little easier!

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