Children’s Birthday Party Ideas and Games – Looking for Fun!

Is your child’s birthday rapidly approaching and you find yourself needing to come up with some great children’s birthday party ideas? Are you looking to make your kid’s birthday and birthday party the best one ever? When party planning for that super special birthday celebration for kids, there so many important party factors to mull over and consider. A gathering of kids for a party is meant to be fun filled and enjoyable for all, those attending as well as those planning and hosting. But frankly, children’s birthday party planning can be extremely challenging and at times can also be filled with stress and anxiety.

There really are so many important decisions that go in to planning your child’s birthday party. To theme or not to theme, budget, guest list, location, timing, food menu, loot bag; literally the list seems endless. When planning any child’s birthday party we feel every single decision is a significant and vital one. And of course they are. Nevertheless, as the parent and the planner of said celebration, we want each and every single element, choice and execution to be perfect (or as perfect as possible). And yes, it can all seem extremely intimidating. But have no fear; there is help available and right at your fingertips.

Children’s Birthday Party Ideas and Games – Let the Games Being!

While birthday gifts, cake and loot bags are tons of fun, party games are all the rage and in a good way. They are an excellent way to keep the invited guests busy and entertained, while at the same time burn off some of that sugary birthday energy. So once you have decided on that terrific, just right party theme, the other great details will follow to making this party the best one ever (or says the birthday kid).

So having said all that, for today’s blog we are going to concentrate on the fun and oh so amusing party games, truly always a party favorite! There are a wide range of great and fun classics to keep the kids active and help to bring the party to life! And don’t forget a couple of things when deciding on party games; keep in mind the age of the kids, supplies you have on hand and ensure the games are basic enough for everyone. By doing so you will be well on your way to laughs, joy and some super-duper birthday fun!

Children’s Birthday Party Ideas and Games – The Proof is in The Fun!

So let’s get started!

Musical Chairs – We all know it and love this game and really, who among us wants to be the only one standing. So set up chairs less one, start the music, the kids start walking around the chairs, when the music stops, they find a seat and the one left standing is out. Take a chair away and repeat and when there is only one standing you have a winner.

Egg and Spoon Race – Have the guests’ line up each with an egg on a spoon, start the race with the kids racing to the finish line without dropping the egg. First to cross the finish line is the winner.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey – A real classic. Each kid is blindfolded and gets the chance to place the tail on the donkey and the one closest to the right on spot is the winner. Note: This game can be customized to any party theme or favorite.

Pass the Parcel – The kids sit in a circle passing a parcel that has been wrapped over and over and over in many, many layers of newspaper. The music starts and when the music ends the kid holding the parcel gets to unwrap a layer and then repeat the process. When the last layer is removed there is a prize and a winner. In the end a great time is had by all.

Simon Says – A perfect activity to keep the kids busy and amused. The kids listen to a “caller” and follow the “order” provided. When a kid misses the order they are out of the game and the last player standing is the winner.

Balloon Toss – One of my personal favorites! Provide each kid with an inflated balloon and to win they have to keep it airborne by tapping the balloon with their hand. The one that keeps the balloon in the air the longest wins. This is one of the best birthday party laughs and energy burners.

Hot Potato – Entertainment is the name and hot potato is the game. Again the kids sit in a circle, music is playing and each kid passes the potato to the kid next to them. When the music stops whoever is left holding the potato is out. The last player remaining in the circle is the winner.

When choosing birthday party games keep in mind the age range of those participating. While deciding on the actual party games to ultimately go with can be challenging, by taking time sprinkled with some creativity and planning you will end up with the right games and a fun time will be had by all. And really, once the party is over all that will be remembered is the activities, fun and laughter.

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