Certified Meeting Planner…

To most people, the job of a certified meeting planner sounds mucho glamorous. It’s one of those situations where, from the outside, all looks glittery and great. Nevertheless, circumstances are always different looking from the inside out.

Statistically, approximately seventy five percent of certified meeting planners are woman. So early this morning as I was on the treadmill (and planning my work day) I saw a review on the news. Yes, I was watching television too…multi- tasking! The review was for the new Sarah Jessica Parker movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It”. And it had me thinking…how do they do it all?

Certified Meeting Planner – How do We Do It All?

The job of a certified meeting planner requires an extremely high level of organizational and logistics skills, along with drive, energy and lots of get up and go. It’s definitely not a nine to five enterprise! It`s one of those careers that requires a large time commitment which can absolutely infringe on your personal and family time.

When making the decision to pursue a career as a certified meeting planner, we all know what`s involved in the field and silently pledge to do whatever (and I mean whatever) it takes to be successful. And while it does take an unbelievable effort, there are also tons of wonderfully positive parts too. But when you throw in family, and maintaining a certain quality of life into the mix…Eek! That’s when we think “I don’t know how she does it”.

Certified Meeting Planner – How to Help!

I am the first to acknowledge that no job or career combined with the family and personal life is perfect, no matter what the career choice. But there are some things that we, as meeting planners, can do to help have a successful work/ life balance.

Plan, Plan and Plan – Organization is the key to a successful work life. Saying you`re going to do it isn`t enough! Be sure to organize and plan your days and weeks ahead. When doing your job and working on events and meetings, utilize a to-do-list and a checklist. The best laid plans don’t always go as imagined, but by utilizing a to-do-list and a checklist, you are one step closer to accomplishing the tasks at hand.

Delegate – Where possible, work with your team and delegate where feasible. This is a lesson I learned late in my career. Nevertheless I am pleased I did so because it really did change everything. The most important lesson any of us can learn (personally and professionally) is that we don’t have to touch and see everything. Ask for help and trust those you work with.

Budget – By budget, I am referring to your precious time (not money). Budget your time. Yes, work is of the utmost importance, but your life is equally as important. By balancing both sides of the coin, you will find a happier you!

So the question of the week is “can you have it all?” And the answer seems to be “it depends on your definition of ALL”. We (men and women) need to remember that most things in life aren’t picture perfect. Nothing is going to be exactly perfect. But by finding that balance you are well on the road to success and happiness!

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