Birthday Party Themes – Thinking Outside the Box

I remember when I was in grade school looking forward to birthday parties. Not just my own but also my friends’ parties. Whether it was bowling party, sleep over or a simple house party, they were (and still are) the epicenter of a grade schooler’s social life.

Today, kid’s birthday parties have exploded and many are on steroids compared to the parties of our childhood. There’s even a show on TLC about opulent, over the top, birthday parties for kids. But don’t despair parents everywhere! You don’t have to drop $25,000 (yup, that’s 25 grand) to make your child’s party stand out. All it takes is a little creativity and the ability to think outside the box.

Birthday Party Themes – How to Choose What’s Right

The most important thing to remember is the party is about celebrating your child’s birthday. Not about impressing your friends and neighbors. Not about making a big splash. It should be all about your child. And if you remember that little tip, you’re already a step ahead.

The first thing to decide on is birthday party  themes. Talk to the birthday boy (or girl). What do they like? Are they mad about cowboys and Indians? Have they watched the movie Cars about 3,000 times? Whether it’s a movie, a book or even an activity, you can turn almost anything into a theme party.

Birthday Party Themes – Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something Different!!

How many times has your daughter been to a Princess Party? They’re fun and the kids love them, but ever other six year old girl has a Princess Party. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try something different. You can turn anything into a theme. Just use your imagination.

Apple Picking Party– Obviously this one is dependent on the time of year.

But the advantages are fantastic. It’s outside, which will minimize the mess at your house. The kids are kept physically busy which leaves them tired at the end of the day (and what parent doesn’t love that). You can have it at the local orchard and some locations will allow a picnic lunch or even work with you to supply a simple BBQ.

An Off-Season Party – Don’t get caught up in thinking that Christmas is only in December or a Beach has to be in the summer. A summer themed Christmas Birthday party or a Birthday Beach Party in January can be a lot of fun. Decorating the backyard with your x-mas decorations and a little bit of fake snow can create a fun and different atmosphere. Or you can create a summer theme (in the winter) with pictures, shovels and pails and some themed games. Kids love something different and with a little bit creativity you can create a theme that goes completely against the current season.

Paris Party – Paris, London, New York. Any fabulous city will do! You can decorate according to the city, plan the menu around it and even tailor games to your themed city. The possibilities are literally endless and, heaven forbid, the kids may actually learn something.

A little creativity can go a long way when planning birthday party themes. Don’t be afraid to try something new and have your child be the trend setter in their group!!

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