Birthday Party Ideas for Girls – Planning Your Daughter’s Best Party Ever!

We all need birthday party ideas for girls when planning your daughter’s best party ever! That time of year is approaching. It’s your little darling’s special day and you want to make sure she has a party to remember. But as you start to think about yet another birthday that has to be loads of fun, you start to get nervous and aren’t sure where to start.

Some parents look forward to planning their kids birthdays and some enjoy it about as much as a trip to the dentist…not something they really want to do but rather something they really have to do. For the parents who look forward it’s actually a lot easier (It always is when we have fun). But for those moms and dads who fall in the latter category, never fear! We’ve got some great tips to help you along.

Birthday Party Ideas for Girls – The Basics

The basics stay the same from party to party, child to child. Your best bet, to avoid the cold sweats when planning, is to stay organized. Keep a file (both hard copy and electronic) to keep all of your party planning in one place. You don’t want to have to waste time riffling through your papers looking for a confirmation number or a name.

Organization is the key to a smoother party planning experience. So use a party planning checklist. Everything (and I mean everything!) goes on the list. It will help you meet deadlines and know what has and hasn’t been done yet. Don’t plan a party without one!

Yes, money does make the world go around. But that doesn’t mean you should break the bank on your daughter’s birthday party. Set a realistic budget and stick to it. Never get caught up in trying to outdo the other parents. It’s not a competition. A great party doesn’t have to be over the top and expensive to be a hit.

Birthday Party Ideas for Girls – Themes, Glorious Themes!

You don’t have to set a theme for the party, but it does make things a little easier. If you and your daughter can select a theme, everything else just falls into place. Decor, food, games, invitations. Every detail of the party can be geared around your theme if you so choose. Most party stores and online sites have a wide range of themed decor, games and loot bags available.

Pool Party – Summer is here and the living is easy! And (depending on the age of the attendees) it’s a great time for a pool party. Some water toys and a BBQ and you’re pretty much good to go. You can play games in the pool, decorate your backyard and serve BBQ and easy finger foods for snacks. Our biggest suggestion with any pool party – ensure there is sufficient adult supervision!!

Tea Party/Garden Party – A real live tea party is so much fun for the little ones. Invite your guests to “dress for tea” and see how adorable they look when they show up. A great idea for a craft/activity at your tea party is to decorate hats. Not only are the kids kept busy, but it’s a great party favor that the end of the day.

Princess Party – Every little girl has their favorite princess and now you can make your daughter one too! You can announce the arrival of each little princess (Please welcome, Princess Stephanie) and even adjust the hat activity above with a crown. Pin the crown on the princess, bobbing for (non-poisoned) apples and find the glass slipper are just a few games to keep the little princesses busy and happy.

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Don’t be nervous and just jump right in! With a little planning, some creativity and some input from the birthday girl, you’ll plan the best birthday party yet.

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