3 Steps to Better Time Management

Just yesterday I was asked about my thoughts on better time management. Followed by that dreaded question how do you keep it all together? And it got me thinking. How do I keep it all together? The goal is always to prioritize in an attempt to stay organized and efficient. And really there isn’t an event planner amongst us who doesn’t wonder; how they’re going to get everything done. Time management is exactly that. Allocating the right amount of time to accomplish the things we need to. And if you’re like me you’re always thinking there’s never enough time in the day. When looking to not only manage but survive work without bringing on the anxiety. It’s all about good time management. And good time management helps to take away the stress and create the focus, focus, focus.

We’ve all signed up for those time management classes. And some of us even actually went to said classes. In an attempt to learn how to schedule, prioritize and plan in the most efficient and well-timed way. And for some a time management course is a life saver while for others a complete time waster.

Where does Time Management Start?

No matter which way you lean one thing I know for sure is time management starts with the brain. It’s up to us to establish, handle and accomplish tasks in an organized and timely manner. Starting with putting an end to all the negative noise in our heads. And eliminating the restrictions and negativity we sometimes place on ourselves.

How many times have you said to yourself, I don’t have nearly enough time? The facts are we all have the same amount of time. So clearly understanding what needs to be done. And having a thought-out process and plan for allocating time, tools and resources is the first step. Good time management keeps us on our toes; helping us to cut out the “lazy” time and increase our work output. Throw the plan to the wall and utilize what sticks and works for you. Discover what actions and tools help to organize and prioritize work for you? Start with the most important tasks and go from there.

Does Time Management Create more time?

Is it even possible to create more time? Finding and applying the right time management skills can assist us in every aspect of life. And the ability to put into action those ideas and concepts help us to realize efficiency and productivity. So getting more done leaves us with time to do more; providing us with more time on our hands. So in one way creating more time.

1. Create a List. Take the time to prioritize your work by creating a list. Put it all there. It’s the best way to stay organized and accomplish things in a timely way. It can feel a bit overpowering at first. But no one among us can remember every single thing we have to get done. By creating and yes utilizing a list, it will help provide a timeline, a strategy and in the end help to accomplish all those tasks. Be sure to tag the tasks; priority, important and not important.

2. Don’t do it All. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Who hasn’t uttered these words “I’ll just do it myself”? But it doesn’t really make a difference how much we know, how many resources we have or how good we are at our job. We can’t do it all. Some believe delegation is a marker of weakness, incompetence and lack of skill. But the truth is it’s the exact opposite. Working with trustworthy, dependable and able people not only help to get the job done but is one of the less valued skills.

3. Understand when to and when not to Multitask. Whether we realize it or not; we’re all multi-taskers. For some multitasking enhances our work load. While for others it impedes it. The too many undertakings never completed scenario. Which can lead to chaotic, amateurish and careless work. It is imperative to know when to and when not to multitask. It has been proven that most of us work better and more successfully when we are able to give our full attention and effort to one thing at a time.

Hi my name is Randy and I’m a procrastinator. In the end I meet almost every deadline that presents itself. But I am definitely a procrastinator. And what I have come to learn is when we understand and apply good time management skills; it helps us to be more resourceful, creative and innovative. And in the end, more efficient, less stressed out and less of a procrastinator, hopefully leaving time for other things.

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