Ask the Expert – New Beginnings

Welcome to the latest and greatest installment of Ask the Expert. Got a question? Our experienced professionals know a thing or two about planning events. And are here to share their know-how and advice. If we’ve collectively learned anything it’s you can’t be successful without making mistakes and then learning from them.

Our team of experts look forward monthly to addressing your most burning questions. And are here to help us all manage the ever-changing event planning world. No matter the question or issue our panel always tries to be as transparent as possible. And are happy to share experiences, skill and knowledge. To help us to understand, navigate and make the right decisions.

This month Ask the Expert is all about new beginnings. As the summer comes to a close (silent sob) it’s all about getting back into the swing of things. The team provides valuable tips about being efficient even in a slower season. Turning down time into useful time. And proving slow doesn’t have to necessary lead to failure. As well we address that age old question, how do you combat post event sadness? We’ve all experienced it; been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. The team shares some of their remedies to getting through it.

Ask the Expert – Slow Season

What do you do in the off season, when things can be slower?

These days there is an abundance of work whether it’s high season or not. Having said that, during the summer months some of us have been enjoying a less than busy time. We’re not saying event planners are not occupied and hardworking. It’s just that for some the load has been a bit lighter. First and foremost don’t get down due to the lack of work. If you’re lucky to have some less than busy time, put it to good use. Do some of the things you have been putting off. It’s the perfect time to create event objectives and goals, tweak event policies and procedures and evaluate supplier partnerships. Put the extra time to good use by expanding your event planning expertise. Look at new business tactics. Update company procedures. Go after new business. And network, network, network.

Ask the Expert – Post Event Sadness

How do you combat post event sadness?

You’re not alone. It happens all the time. And we’ve all been there. The struggle is real and yet very routine. It’s perfectly normal to feel some kind of sadness once an event comes to a close. Many event and meeting planners go through some sort of post event depression. With all the work that goes into planning an event; it’s totally normal to feel a bit of a lunch bag let down. All those days and weeks and months leading up to an event are chocked filled with a crazy amount of hours, objectives, responsibilities, tasks and work. After spending so much time on a project; and putting all that blood, sweat and sometimes tears into planning. And then it seems like before you know it, it’s all over. There are lots of ways to manage post event sadness. And we all deal with it differently. Firstly it’s imperative to complete the event wrap-up. Once that’s a wrap. Do things that make you happy. Get some sleep. Enjoy some down time. Renew friends and family relationships. Set new goals. And then focus on the next one.

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