Ask the Expert – Memorial Day Party Edition

Ask the Expert is back with a special Memorial Day edition. Do you know why Memorial Day is celebrated?  Memorial Day is when we pay tribute to all the soldiers who have died while serving our country. It dates back to Civil War times. And it’s a special day to remember and honor all those soldiers who paid the price defending the nation. The last Monday in May we recognize and pay our respects to those amazing men and women. And so many of us get together and celebrate with family and friends enjoying parades, barbecues, fireworks and parties.

We thought Memorial Day was the perfect topic for Ask the Expert. So we reached out to our readers and asked what Memorial Day party planning questions they need answers answers to. For those new to this feature. Ask the Expert is a monthly column with answers about event and party planning. We bring together our group of industry experts and test their knowledge and know-how. We pose your questions and they apply their expertise and experience and provide the answers. Ask the Expert is a great way to get answers to your party and event planning questions without leaving your desk. Our experts cover just about every part of the industry. From vendor service companies to transportation; from catering to accommodations; and as we like to say everything else in between.

Ask the Expert – Memorial Day Party Themes

Is it a must to have a party theme for a Memorial Day party?

Memorial Day is known as the unofficial start of summer. And there is no better way to put a start to the summer season than a Memorial Day party. It sort-of does come with a built in theme. It is all about the red, white and blue; and Memorial Day is the perfect setting to pull out the colors. And lots in the party planning world say hitch your cart on to that and you’re good to go. But just because it’s Memorial Day you don’t have to only go with the red, white and blue. Those hues happen to go with everything.  So if you’re feeling creative, pick another theme and highlight it with America’s favorite colors.

Ask the Expert – Memorial Day Party Green Tips

Any green tips I can incorporate into my Memorial Day party?

Respecting our earth is an important part of this and any other holiday. We can all have a fun-filled time while appreciating Mother Nature, right? First and foremost recycle, recycle, and recycle and everything.

Reuse what you have and make your own decorations. It’s a great way to save money and protect the earth. All of us can easily take what we have and make it better. Take advantage of the outdoor space and use it as your backdrop. It can be enhanced or even considered decor all on its own. Hang lights, flags, banners and balloons. And don’t forget that red, white and blue always come in handy. And makes it super simple to create green and usable decorations.

Serve finger foods. That way you don’t create any additional waste. That we all know will go directly into the landfill. And on that note, the next green tip is to use biodegradable utensils and dishware; for exactly the same reason. It keeps things out of the landfill and is one more step to protecting the earth.

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