Ask the Expert – Event Planner Myths Edition

There is a long list of event planner myths out there that just aren’t true. In the end that’s what makes them myths. Event planners are under a lot of pressure and are expected to be all things to all people. Like it’s in the DNA and job description to know just about everything about everything. And that’s the first of the event planner myths busted. While all event planners want to and try, the facts remain, it’s impossible to know everything about everything. Making this the perfect topic to address in this month’s Ask the Expert.

It’s that time of year again. We’re all getting busy planning and executing events and meetings. And before it gets to crazy, we thought it was the ideal time to have our meeting of the minds. So once again we brought our group of expert professionals together. To address and bust some of greatest event planner myths.

Ask the Expert – Event Planner Myths Edition – Myth #1

Event Planners are too expensive to work with.

Just like any other supplier or service an event planner is part of that all-important budget. Pose the questions “What is necessary?” and “Do I have the funds for it?” And then figure out what you can in fact afford and what you cannot. While, of course, there is a cost to hiring an event planner. They come to the table with a whole lot of knowledge, skill and know-how. And at the end of the day often their expertise and savvy will save time and money.

Ask the Expert – Event Planner Myths Edition – Myth #2

Only big events need a professional event planner.

Size doesn’t matter. Right! It’s definitely easier to justify using an outside source for bigger events. But that doesn’t mean event planners don’t bring value to smaller sized events. The experience and skills event planners come with are priceless. They are accomplished in many areas and provide so much more than knowledge and expertise. Planners know the trends and fads; what has to be accomplished and how to go about getting it done. No matter what the event size is.

Ask the Expert – Event Planner Myths Edition – Myth #3

You can do it all yourself.

We hear it over and over again. If you have the time, stamina and are organized; you too can plan an event. But that’s not necessarily true. It take a lot more than time and energy to plan and execute a successful event. When planning an event the list of responsibilities are endless. And really starts after the location and venue are decided on. Whether it’s right or not or if we even agree. An event planner has to be all things to all people. And be in all places at all times. For the sake of the event it is imperative that the person running it has the know-how and expertise to pull it off.

Just like each and every event is different so are event planners. But one thing remains the same. An event planner is there to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Do your research, interview a couple of contenders and then onward and upward.

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