Airline Complaints – This Time It’s about the Passengers

Usually it’s the travelers doing the complaining. The airline complaints usually consist of: why is my flight delayed, the flight attendant was rude, the airline wouldn’t let me take my bag on, etc. In the big scheme of things it really wasn’t all that long ago when a journey from New York City to Los Angeles would literally take a couple of generations to complete. My how things have changed.

The meetings and events industry involves working with various professions within the hospitality industry as a whole. And whenever you’re dealing with the public there are sure to be those unpleasant experiences. A flight attendant is also a hospitality professional that deals with the public. And, as you would expect, they have a few little pet peeves of their own.

Airline Complaints: Things That Drive a Flight Attendant Nuts

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Via Reader’s Digest, here are a few items that, apparently, make a flight attendant want to jump out of the airplane (and if I recall, one actually did a couple years back – on the tarmac of course):

Controlling Children. Many parents, once airborne, think of the cabin as a free-for-all for their child. I’m with the flight attendants on this one – control your child.

Using the Washroom When the Service Carts Are in the Aisle. There are always one, two, three or more passengers that get the urge to use the facilities once the service has begun. Which of course slows down food and beverage service for the entire aircraft. Plan people, plan…

Those Hygiene Habits That Really Should Be Done in Private. Clipping one’s nails, disposing of tissues etc. should all be done in private. Period. End of discussion.comical picture of a guy with a very large suitcase trying to board a plane referencing airline complaints

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Overhead Bin Stuffing. Okay if you can’t shove that suitcase (which are starting to look more and more like trunks) into the overhead bin, do you really think that the flight attendant will be able to? No, they are not magicians. If your bag is too big, check it. It’s not that hard people.

Rudeness. There is no need for it. I heard a saying once which will help you when evaluating a new relationship, client etc.: you can judge a person’s personality by how they treat their service personnel. Try it, it works every time. I have not been wrong yet. Mind you, I have no friends…

The “Touching”. You’re not going to believe this but, apparently, flight attendants have ears. So you really don’t have to tug on their coat sleeve, or poke them, to get their attention.

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Airline complaints are a two-way street. We’re certainly used to hearing travel complaints from passengers. After reading these airline complaints from flight attendants, I’m starting to think that it takes a special type of person for that job. One that has a lot of patience.

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