A Cool Tool for Your Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party Planning

As the holiday season is now upon us, many of you are planning on hosting a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. And many of those parties will be dinner parties.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve Parties Are a Time for Friends and Colleagues to Gather

This is the time of year where many people turn into part-time party planners. After all, what’s Christmas or New Year’s without having to attend some fun and festivities. Now, with the help of a tableware setup tool, you’ll be able to set your dinner table exactly like professional event planners. No more worrying about which fork to use and where to place the spoon.

A Party Planning Tool from Bright Settings

Bright Settings is a national table and linen rental company (they have also expanded to screen and digital printing). On their website they also have a category devoted to tools. One of those tools is a tableware setup application.

Here’s how Bright Settings” tableware set up works:

Basically, once you know what you’ll be serving at your party, you check off all that is applicable. Then hit the “set the table” button and presto, a diagram with the appropriate way to set your table is displayed. This is a perfect tool for anyone that wants to ensure that they are setting their table properly for the meal that they will be serving.

So why not take a little bit of stress from your Christmas and New Year’s Eve party planning by utilizing the tableware set up tool. No more second-guessing which utensils are required for your menu.

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