One challenge that a meeting planner faces is selecting unique or out of the ordinary venues. Planners are always trying to outdo themselves for their next event. And quite often, especially with associations, they’re dealing with repeat customers. So it’s vital that a meeting planner provides a fresh agenda as a way to keep the delegates coming back time and time again.

From my full service destination management (DMC) days, it was always a priority to propose unique or odd venues for dinners and receptions. Of course by doing so it was our hopes that we would be awarded the piece of business. We understood the importance of this to a prospective meeting planner.

5 Unique Venues That Will Have People Talking about Your Event

An Airport Hangar

Check with your local CVB or DMC and ask if their city has a hangar which houses older nostalgic aircraft for added atmosphere.

An Old Bank Vault

Many older banks have been converted into condominiums or retail space. However because of the size and weight of old bank vaults many have remained in their current locations.

Dinner on Stage – Literally

We’ve done this one with several groups. Surprise the guests by having them think they’re going on a theater tour. At the end of the tour the curtain rises revealing the dinner setting. People love it.

An Outdoor Dinner with Food Trucks

Taking the outdoor event up a notch: replace food stations with food trucks. The evolution of food trucks has them now offering a variety of gourmet foods. They are not just burgers and fries anymore.


It wasn’t that long ago that barns were all the rage on Saturday nights. Lately most people don’t think of using barns as an event space. The plus – built in decor. And you just know that the entertainment will involve a barn dance (or two).

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Want to add a bit of spice to your next meeting or conference? Think outside the box and consider odd, out of the ordinary, venues. You will be a hit with your guests.

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