3 Tips for Wedding Planning on a Budget

If it’s spring it must be wedding season. We’re starting to hear the horn honking and seeing the white limos with the happy couple as they embark on their journey as husband and wife. But with wedding planning often comes the financial stress as one realizes that the costs can soon add up. There are ways that you can still have your cake and eat it too (sorry I just couldn’t resist the pun here).

Wedding Planning Tips for Invitation

Invitations are one of the first areas we begin to spend money. Obviously it’s important that you get the invitations out well ahead of time in order for you to have a clear indication of how many people you can expect on your big day. And wedding invitations are not cheap.

One way that you may want to consider reducing costs as part of your overall wedding planning is to consider sending your invitations electronically. Some people may think that an electronic invitation is less personal and, truth be told, that really is a personal decision. But I also know that in today’s world electronic communication is becoming the most popular method, especially for young people. There are many great wedding websites that you can set up quickly and easily. The beauty about these websites is that there is also a mechanism that will allow you to track responses as well as to communicate with people who have not acknowledged the invitation. A great tracking system.

If traditional invitations are a must then the size of the invitation as well as weight are important factors to consider. The size is important as you do not want an abnormal mailing piece which will cost you additional postage. The same goes with weight. Talk to your local post office ahead of time so that you have a clear understanding of what sizes and weights you can work with to keep your cost to a minimum.

Wedding Planning Tips for Transportation

Those white limousines may look fairytale like, but boy do they come at a cost. White limousines are in high demand during waiting season. The cost can be almost double that of the regular colored limousine and availability can be another issue altogether. If your wedding is occurring during high season, you can still have limousine transportation but try and look at different vehicle sizes and colors rather than being stuck on a white limo. You’ll be very surprised at what you be able to get and how much you’ll be able to save.

Wedding Planning Tips for Venues

Today it’s becoming very common for wedding themes to be unique. In other words it’s not your parents wedding planning anymore. There are a number of factors that you can consider when selecting a venue that will help you keep your costs at a minimum while providing you with an exciting venue at the same time.

The first rule would be to look for a venue that has their own in-house kitchen. This will save you a bundle in catering costs as your caterer will not need to bring in extra kitchen equipment and supplies all of which would be charged to you.

Food and beverage can be a huge portion of your overall wedding budget. If this area is of concern, maybe consider having an evening wedding where the format is more reception in style. In other words, have it after dinner and then you can offer your guests hors d’oeuvres or a light buffet. They’ll love the format because it’s not taking up their entire day. And the bride and groom are able to circulate much easier with the reception format.

Wedding planning can be stressful. But there are ways that you can still pull off an exceptional wedding without blowing your budget. Instead of looking at the overall picture break down each component of your wedding and look at alternative ways of addressing those components. You’ll be very surprised the savings you can achieve.

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