1950s Ladies Guide to Planning a Cocktail Party (comedy video)

On this Black Friday you’re probably reading this on your smart phone waiting for all of those must-have bargains. Personally, I think I’d rather wear fire for a hat. You may also be feeling a little under the weather as you may have had just one too many helpings of Turkey yesterday. Maybe you were civilized and had a cocktail party before the big feast. Or, maybe you didn’t and dove right into the turkey, head first.

Cocktail Party Do’s and Don’ts from Our Friends at SNL

Ah the 1950s – life seemed pretty good back then. We weren’t arguing over same-sex marriages (homosexuality wasn’t invented until the 1970s) or marijuana laws (marijuana didn’t come around until the 1960s – those damn hippies). Everybody knew their place (okay, okay, even I know that’s hard to read with a straight (no pun intended) face).

From the video below, I take it that cocktail parties were all the rage back then. And what better way to get together with like-minded people than to throw cocktail party.

Watch and learn a few pointers and how-to’s on planning the perfect cocktail party – 1950s style.

You can always count on the cast of SNL to shine a light on how cocktail party planning was done back in the good days.

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