13 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas for Boys – Boys Just wanna have FUN!

Today is all about 13 year old birthday party ideas for boys. A thirteen year old boy, still a kid but just starting to mature on the way to becoming an adult. You hear and read about how birthday party planning can be an easy and stress free experience. Words that I have said over and over again. So I am acknowledging here and now that sometimes planning parties for 13 year old boys can be a tad stressful and yes maybe a bit difficult. I have been inundated with questions about 13 year old birthday party ideas for boys. I guess this winter it’s all about boys entering the dome of teenage years. Turning thirteen is a BIG deal as it should be.

13 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas for Boys – 2 Party Planning Basics!

Thirteen is no run of the mill birthday. It’s a momentous one and a time to carve out special memories. Right before your eyes your child goes from toddler to teen. No longer a little kid but nowhere near an adult yet. Growing, changing, learning and developing hobbies and interests. And last years “stuff” may not do the memory making job this year.

Understand your crowd. A lot of thirteen year olds are so over what we deem a conventional birthday party. You never want to make the guest of honor feel uncomfortable at his own celebration. Find out what he is into and enjoying these days. Getting a good grasp on all things 13 year old boy will help to plan everything from start to finish. It doesn’t matter what the adults want or even what the latest and greatest trends are. The key to a successful party is remembering what your child and his crew’s interests are and plan based on them.

Party fun. The number one question “how do I keep all these kids busy and happy?” Before you get started consider a thing or more; the crowd, the location, how many, the party type and what the budget will allow. Some say a party without games and activities is no party at all. And I agree. There is a never ending amount of birthday party fun that will help to bring together all the party details. Let your fingers do the walking on-line and you will come up with some great and creative teen ideas. Just add a dash of energy and excitement and you’ll be ready to go.

13 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas for Boys – 2 Things to Avoid!

All parents consider the same things when starting out to plan a kid’s birthday party. How can we make this the most fun, entertaining and unforgettable time for all.

Planning without a net. There really is no mystery to planning an enjoyable and memorable birthday party. Creativity, resourcefulness and organization are key. Never and I mean never plan a party without a budget and a blueprint. The number one oversight we tend to make is to start planning before we understand what we have to spend and the direction we should go. So first and foremost not only create a budget and blueprint but stick to it. Including every single thing you will need and add a timetable to it. Using both these items will help to control costs and keep the party on track.

Over inviting. We’ve all been there. Inviting way too many guests to the celebration. Yes this day is super important to the birthday boy. And having everyone that cares seems like the right thing to do. But wait. When putting together the guest list it’s imperative to take into account not only the location but the budget too. Look at the list and only include the amount of people you have room for and can afford.

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No matter the age or gender of the guest of honor, remembering them and their interests is the key to your party success story. And when it comes down to it. What’s important to them is what’s important to the party.

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