Impress the Boss with These Corporate Event Ideas

If you’ve been tasked with planning your next office corporate event, chances are it’s not your main job. If you’re lucky your office will have a committee where the various tasks involved with planning the event can be assigned. If you’re lucky. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones, the planning my fall entirely on your plate.

Well, fear not, help is here!

Tools to assist your corporate event planning:

Corporate events are a way to get colleagues together to either learn about a new company product/feature or as a social event to thank the team for all their hard work. Whatever the reason it’s important that the event is designed with the attendees in mind. It’s not about you (sorry), rather it’s about the people that are attending and what they would find interesting and fun.

Having worked in destination management, I believe that it’s a good idea to get a 3rd party involved to assist with ideas and the actual planning. You may be surprised to know that a 3rd party planner does not necessarily mean an increase in the budget. Sometimes it’s the exact opposite. A Destination Management Company, for example, knows the local suppliers well and are much better positioned to negotiate on your behalf.

Corporate Event Ideas That You Can Handle

The following ideas/themes presented are events that a non event planer can manage:

  • Lazor Tag
  • Bowling
  • Ping-Pong Tournament
  • Murder Mystery Show
  • Wine/Beer Making
  • An Office Party with a Draw for a Week’s Holiday, Vacation Destination

Corporate Event Ideas Where it’s Best to Contract a Third Party Like a DMC

  • Corporate Event Ideas quote "you may be surprised to know that a 3rd party planner does not necessarily mean an increase in the budget"Teambuilding Event (Make It Fun and Educational)
  • Learn to Cook
  • Game Shows Event
  • Casino (Charity)
  • Entertainment-Hypnotist
  • Entertainment – Comedian
  • Entertainment – Magician

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If you’ve been put in charge of planning your next corporate event, fear not. It doesn’t have to become a stressful affair. Knowing the dynamics of your group will help you come up with exciting corporate event ideas that everyone will love. Better yet – what to look like a pro? Then hire a 3rd party planner, like a DMC.

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