17 Tips For Stress-Free Outdoor Party Planning

Looking to plan an outdoor party this summer? One that is easy peasy and as free from stress as possible? What I have learned over the years is; whether your party is inside or outside doesn’t make it any more involved or complicated. A successful party comes in all shapes and sizes. And a most enjoyable one happens because of pleasing (not extreme) guests, food, drinks, location and fun. A successful and stress-free outdoor party doesn’t mean you have to spend oodles of dollars and break the bank. With just a bit of imagination and resourcefulness we all can throw an entertaining and unforgettable get-together.

Getting Started Planning an Outdoor Party

Before getting started it’s imperative to take some time and evaluate your party needs. Ask yourself those important party planning questions. When all is said and done what do I want to accomplish? What do I need and how am I going to go about getting it done? Remember a budget and a party planning checklist are always a good place to start. The best kind of outdoor party is one that has everyone, guests and party host alike, chilled and having fun.

17 Tips to a Successful Outdoor Party

Here are some tips to free your party of stress and enjoy the process at the same time.

• Keep it simple
• Prepare as much as you can in advance
• Get the yard in order
• Keep everything outside
• Mix it up with seating
• Prepare the food in advance
• Use the food to create a theme
• Put the spotlight on finger foods
• Set up a “Grab and Go” drink station
• Use frozen water balloons to chill beverages
• Have easy to pick-up eating utensils
• Set up a sunscreen and bug spray station
• Make it effortless for guests to serve themselves
• Use Lighting to create a mood
• Have easy access to a trash and recycling area
• Use what you already have/Only buy things you can use again
• Always consider your neighbors

An outdoor party is a great way to appreciate friends and the beautiful summer weather. Get out there and enjoy; before you know it the cold weather will be back.

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