Successful Event Planning Tips That Will Save You Money

Event Planning Tips … It’s Not What You Spend, it’s What You Save

As the story goes, it’s not what you make a company but rather what you save a company; an important point to remember when event planning. There really are so many things to stay on top of as an event planner and budgets are a crucial part of the job. One of  the more important event planning tips and the key is to always be prepared.  So before you start planning your event, it is essential to formulate and then be accountable to a budget. Having a determined budget will play a major role in keeping you accountable and on track for your event.

In addition to the corporate event planning tips found in this blog there are  many ways special and  corporate event planners can go above and beyond to save an association or client money starting with an event planning checklist, various templates, budgeting assistance and more.

Event Planning Tips … To Stay on Track

Incorporate your theme. Creating a theme will make it much easier to develop the event and source suppliers that fit the theme, while at the same time staying within the budgeted amount.  By incorporating line items in the budget based on the theme, it allows you to be able to pirate from one line item to help subsidize another, allowing for a great event without going over budget.

Event Planning Tips … Location, Location, Location

Once the budget and theme are confirmed, it’s time for location, location, location. Where to hold the special event? When searching for that perfect facility for your event, always remember your budget.  Some event facilities charge a rental fee and then all other services are a la carte. You could be charged additional fees for services whether you utilize them or not.  When facility shopping, look at the big picture. Compare what the facilities include in the rental fees and what they don’t. By going with a facility that includes more than just the rental in the fee, you will save on your bottom line and can use those dollars for other items needed.

Event Planning Tips … Time To Eat and Drink

A great place to look at and shave costs (and stay on budget!) is with food and beverage. All event planners want to provide the best and on trend items for our events. But do the leg work and compare. Buffet to food stations to plated meals, where is the biggest bang for your buck?  Sometimes buffets actually work out to be more costly than plated meals and vice versa. Look at the offerings compared to the costs and what you actually get for the per person cost that will ultimately be charged. Consider your bar and compare, bar brands to premium brands, full bar to wine and beer only, per drink costs to bar packages. There are so many factors to consider (and ways to save!) when planning the F & B part of the event.

So when you’re trying to figure out  how to plan an event and at the same time  wanting to save  event planning dollars  follow these tips and you are well on your way.

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