Event Planning Checklist

This event planning checklist is a jumping off point meant to help you get started with all your event planning requirements. Adapt it to your event planning needs.


Define event objectives and goals
Construct the budget and program
Choose dates
Research and book meeting site location
Develop an event blue print
Contact hotels, convention center, main venues and negotiate details
Recruit event team
Source and contact sponsors
Follow-up and confirm sponsorship
Contact service and support service companies and get proposals
Find and confirm speakers and entertainment
Finalize speaker presentation, get bio/photo info and arrange travel and accommodation
Create an advertising and promotional plan
Design signage and printed materials
Establish equipment requirements; stage, lights, tables and chairs, A/V equipment, podiums, garbage/recycling
Confirm room set-ups, supplies and menus
Source and order amenities and gifts
Submit rooming list and confirm arrangements
Set up financial administration and a financial tracking system
Review and set-up security needs
Book and confirm travel and accommodations arrangements
Generate a buzz on site. Create and Post event information on the company website and Social Media outlets
Develop and produce publicity pieces, invitations, programs, etc.
Release any media and press announcements
Produce a Plan B where needed


Finalize event blueprint and script
Have a team meeting to review ALL details
Brief volunteers, event staff, hosts and greeters
Provide food and beverage catering numbers
Create any seating plans required
Finalize registration list and name badges
Ship meeting materials and supplies to the Hotel/Convention Center
Reconfirm equipment requirements; the stage, the lights, tables and chairs, A/V equipment, podiums, garbage/recycling


Confirm meeting materials, supplies, gifts and amenities have arrived
Confirm food and beverage catering numbers
Review event/meeting details and do a complete event/meeting space walk through and make any last minute changes
Ensure event/meeting info is posted on the hotel function board
Make sure signage is in place
Confirm media attending
Be sure the registration/media area is set up and stocked with supplies
Reconfirm Service and support service companies, speakers and entertainment


Be sure you have all the necessary documents; lists, keys, telephone numbers, passes, badges and VIP info on hand
Check-in with the team to ensure everything is set
Confirm function room set-up
Review banquet checks daily


Meet with your event contact(s) to review events/meetings and charges and identify staff that have provided exceptional service
Conduct a post event survey to understand what worked and what didn’t with participants
Make arrangements to ship materials back to the office
Send thank you and appreciation notes
Conduct a detailed evaluation
Update the budget