Must Ask Questions when Booking Event Entertainment

Booking event entertainment is as important a task as booking the venue or choosing the caterer. Entertainment helps to set the tone and create the feel of an event. Let’s be honest, when it comes time to booking event entertainment it’s often left to the very end. An event planners to-do list can be long, very long. And when planning an event, any kind of event, the amount of tasks involved can blow the mind. Literally. And when it comes to finding and securing the right event entertainment there is a lot to consider before taking the plunge.

Providing entertainment for a group large or small is a skill in itself. Entertainment helps to set the mood of the event. It in part shapes the atmosphere, feel and quality of said event. A memorable event includes memorable entertainment. One that embraces your goals while bringing a rare uniqueness to the table; making it a one of a kind event.

Some Secrets to Event Entertainment

We’ve all been there. Just like an on-line dating profile. You book the entertainment and then what shows up looks nothing like their profile picture; or what you thought their performance would be like. You assumed it would be one thing and in fact it’s exactly the opposite. Some of the secrets to successful event entertainment is good taste, style and a performance that will be enjoyed by all. Decide what your entertainment needs to look like. Does it need to be entertaining, interactive, engaging or just a backdrop? Then consider what part the entertainment will play in the event.

Whatever the type of event entertainment you’re responsible for booking. Whether directly or through an agency; they must fit in, be great and enhance the event. So ask yourself a couple of things; what’s the budget; what kind of entertainment am I looking for; what is the audience type and what are my expectations. And never, ever hire entertainment without seeing them perform. The only way to access whether event entertainment is right for your group is to see it in person. If you cannot see them live then be sure to get a demo video and check references. It is always imperative to know what you’re getting before it arrives.

Ask These Event Entertainment Questions

Remember, every part of an event is important to the organizing body. So no matter the type of entertainment being planned it is always imperative that we do our due diligence. Ask questions, vet potential vendors and be sure the performance is a match for the event, organization and audience. Sometimes the answers to our more basic questions end up being the most essential.

What is your specialty?
What type of events do you primarily provide entertainment for?
What is your rate? What does it include?
Is the rate inclusive?
Is a deposit required and when?
When is final payment due?
What is on your rider?
Do you carry entertainment insurance?
When does the contract need to be signed by?
What’s the cancellation policy and fees?
How long do you need for set-up and sound check?
Do you customize your performance?
Can you provide references?
Do you provide any additional services?
How far in advance do I need to book your services?
If the event goes late, what do you charge for overtime?

In the end you need to feel comfortable before moving forward. Trust your instincts. My key to success has been asking lots of questions. And once you have a plan in place always get it all in writing.

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