Luxury Hotels That Cater to the Rich and Famous

Have you ever wondered where the rich and ultra rich stay when they travel? Or if you’re an event manager then perhaps you’ve been fortunate enough to have worked and stayed in some of these luxury hotel chains. The Robb Report has published their list of the top 100 luxury hotels in Canada and the US.

The Robb Report has been around for over 30 years. They described themselves as the definitive authority on connoisseurship for the ultra-affluent consumers. The Robb Report provides insights, for their target audience, on subjects including; luxury automobiles, yachts, real estate, private aircraft, fashion, fine jewelry, art and of course all things travel.

Event Managers Love It When They Have an Opportunity to Work with the Leading Hotels of the World

Event organizers that have worked with luxury hotel chains understand how fortunate they are. First of all, they are working with a client that has a budget. That’s not to say that the event manager is free to spend wherever they please. But it does provide an opportunity to put together a top notch travel itinerary. Event planning for these clients can be quite rewarding. If you’ve ever been in a luxury hotel property then you may have noticed the number of staff. As a matter of fact luxury hotels typically employee several employees for every one hotel guest. It’s the attention to details, on top of the physical appearance of the hotel, that really sets luxury hotels apart from the others.

The Top 100 Luxury Hotels in the US and Canada

Robb Report, a luxury travel magazine, has published their list of the top 100 luxury hotels in the US and Canada. The list was published earlier this month. The Robb Report 100 hotels: United States and Canada provides a review (including price range) of the luxury hotels that were fortunate enough to make the list. It also provides a link to the hotel”s website.

Robb Report 100 hotels United States and Canada

Luxury hotel chains cater to the rich and famous. The Robb Report’s list of 100 hotels in the United States and Canada showcases the very best in hotels. Event managers love working with luxury hotels as these properties have an abundance of personnel ready and willing to help with their event planning needs.

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