A couple of weeks ago I received a panicked call from a friend of mine. Her daughter had announced that after really thinking about it, she had decided that for her next birthday, she wanted a LEGO themed party. Yep, you heard it right. All LEGO, all the time. And my friend was at a loss, what to do, what to do?

Apparently her daughter is just obsessed with LEGO. Simply said, she loves everything, EVERYTHING LEGO. As we all know, LEGO is a terrific toy that inspires innovation, vision and imagination. LEGO provides unlimited hours of fun and enjoyment for would be builders and is a very popular party theme amongst kids. So why not throw a LEGO themed party? By allowing the birthday boy or girl to be part of the decision making and planning, not only will it help to individualize the party but planning a birthday party based on what our kids truly love and are passionate about will always be a success.

LEGO Birthday Party Ideas – Let’s Get Building!

First item on our party plan was to tackle the invitations. There really are a lot of ways to go with invitations. There are some truly great websites available where you can easily download and print LEGO invites from. But we wanted to create the invitation ourselves. There were lots of ideas to choose from. We considered building a LEGO town and taking a picture or creating out of construction paper a LEGO shaped block and outlining all the party details on the back. Or as one Mom did, create a mini figure in the likeness of the birthday honoree and add a tag with all the party details. But in the end we decided to go with creating a puzzle (on card stock) out of LEGO blocks with all the party particulars. When the invited guests received the invitation they had to put the pieces to read the details!

Decorating was an easy feat. Colors were a no brainer; we went with yellow, blue, red and white (LEGO colors). We hung streamers and balloons around the room. We were able to borrow some construction cones and attached balloons to them and scattered them around the room too. As each guest arrived they were given a plastic construction hat to wear (both a decoration and a favor). We downloaded and printed different LEGO blocks and creations and then created from construction paper and cardboard additional LEGO blocks and figures and hung them around the room too. Next, we had the kids build some LEGO creations and used them as table centerpieces. It probably goes without saying but the key was lots and lots of LEGO, LEGO figures and LEGO structures as far as the eye can see.

LEGO Birthday Party Ideas – Time to Play And Eat!

In addition to just playing with LEGO, with a little research we found some really fun LEGO designed games for the kids to enjoy while using up some of that extra celebratory energy. The kids loved this part of the party, they got to run around and, well, act like kids. The games we ended up playing were Pass the LEGO, LEGO Toss, LEGO Guess (using a jar and as many LEGO pieces as possible), LEGO Bucket (find the one off color LEGO), Build a LEGO (the tallest structure or biggest bridge), Pin the LEGO on the LEGO Man, Spy the LEGO Guy and the always favorite Spoon and LEGO race. And we had tons of LEGO available for the kids to play with. And play they did!

We decided to make the food all appear as LEGO like as much as possible. We agreed we should go with the keep it simple route. So we prepared party sandwiches, pizza and cheese and crackers, all designed to look like LEGO blocks. We then took veggies and dip and designed the platter to look like construction supplies. Cool right! Next, we had fruit skewers, jello cups also devised to look like LEGO. We complimented the food with LEGO looking chocolate treats and dry snacks. As an alternate to cake we did cupcakes designed with the LEGO look. But instead of completing all the cupcakes we left enough bare so the kids could decorate them. We had an abundance of supplies; M&M’s, block candy, LEGO candy and the like. The kids had a blast decorating and then devouring them.

Every kid loves a loot bag and we had so much fun putting them together, We designed the bags to look like a LEGO block and then filled them with some LEGO stickers, a LEGO set, some candy (LEGO like and not), and we lucked out and found some LEGO whistles at the dollar store. They also got to keep the construction hat they received on arrival and the kids loved that.

Kids really are in love with LEGO and this theme is an easy and fun party to plan. So take the time to check out all that’s available, get planning and give the birthday boy or girl the gift of fun and joy!

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