Kids Party Planning – What’s Musically Hot!

Trying to come up with something new and hot? Something on trend when kids party planning for that next shindig?! Do you get off on being a leader and not a follower? Do you love TV? If you answered yes to these questions, then now is the time for you!

TV is out there and whether we like it or not, it affects the way we think and plan. There are a ton of new and exciting things on the horizon which means there are some hot and new party themes out there just itching to be repeated.

Planning a kid’s birthday party usually has the same format, regardless of the theme. Invitations, location, games, food, loot bags (loot bags!!) and most importantly, fun! Be the first to tackle a couple of these new, musical, hot and fun party theme ideas.

Kids Party Planning – Glee

If you were to ask a group of teens about the hit show Glee, you’ll get an overwhelming response! Glee is one of the most popular programs to hit our television screens. It’s enjoyed by kids, teens and adults alike. Because of this, and more, there is so much to pull from to create the perfect “Glee” theme party.

For all those GLEEKS out there, start your theming with the invitations. Encourage your guests to arrive in a costume based on their favorite character from the show. Thankfully, the show has several different characters and fashion making it easy and wallet friendly for a party guest to put a costume together.

For party games karaoke is a must! If you’re a viewer (and isn’t everyone) it will be easy to preselect songs. If not, just use good old Google. To include other games, just think back to your high school days or ask the kid you are planning the party for. They will help choose some other games like “Create your own cheer”, “Glee trivia” and “Guess the Glee quote”. You are now on your way to a gleeful amount of fun!

Take the party location and decorate it like the halls of McKinley Hall or any high school in general. We all remember high school, don’t we? It wasn’t that long ago so just think back!

Now the best part – the food! One glance at the show will help you come up with some great items. Think Slurpee, fun cafeteria food and themed cupcakes to name a few. Before you know it, Sue Sylvester will be bossing everyone around!

Kids Party Planning – American Idol

Another really hot and popular party theme is American Idol. This past year the television show had a renewed surge in popularity. That translated in an increase on the pop culture meter for all things American Idol. Once again, start your theming with the invitations. Urge your guests to come in “contestant” costume. Again, an easy and economical task and be sure to let the guests know this is a just for enjoyment party, so no one feels any pressure.

For a party game (for this theme you probably only need one), the theme says it all. Again a karaoke machine is an absolute must. You can hold auditions but if time is a factor go right into the singing completion.

For an American Idol theme, decorations will be key to set the tone. A stage or stage like area is essential as the theme is a singing competition. Some other items to consider are a red carpet, lots of sparkly, glittery banners and balloons. And judges are key to the success of the party, so be sure to have three “adult” like judges to either portray Simon, Randy and Paula or Randy, Steven and Jennifer, depending on the season. And start singing your way to fun!

An American Idol menu is easy. Think convenient, portable and fun food. There is a great assortment of finger foods out there that kids just love and pizza is always a favorite!

There are lots of great kid’s party themes out there. The hardest decision is which theme to go with. Just do some research and talk to your kid. There are lots of ways to plan the party without breaking the bank. So have fun! You’re well on your way to being number one to your child!

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