Kids Birthday Party Planning

When it comes to parents, their kids and celebrating it”s all about kids birthday party planning.

A friend recently asked for some tips to help her plan her kid’s upcoming birthday party. It made me think back and remember when I was just a wee tot and the best birthday parties were at home, a bunch of friends were invited over and then the fun would begin. Party games in the backyard, a bucket of KFC with the fixings and a basic (and I do mean basic) loot bag, oh the fun. To this day when I look at old pictures they still make me smile.

Kids Birthday Party Planning – It’s Has Everything to do with the Planning

Kids really do love a great birthday party. And organizing your kid’s birthday party can be a fun filled experience for everyone involved. With a bit of imagination, resourcefulness and preparation you can create a special celebration that will be treasured for years to come. It seems gone are the days when kids birthday party planning was easy peasy. These days a kids birthday party is not a last minute, take care of it on the fly, affair. It takes organization and a whole lot of planning, planning, and planning.

With all that’s involved with planning for a kid’s birthday party the power to make it as easy or as difficult rests in our hands.

Kids Birthday Party Planning Tips – Budgets, Conversations and Themes – Oh My!

Birthday Party Budget – The sooner you get started planning the simpler it will be to maintain a budget. There is nothing worse than planning a fabulous party only to find the budget does not support the plans. Most kids have little or no concept of costs and budgeting. So to avoid any kind of disappointment be sure to plan your money and create a budget. Amazing parties can be organized on any size budget. For it to be effective, not only is it important to create the budget you must follow it as well.

Birthday Party Conversation – Spare time does seem to be at a minimum these days. And it probably would be way easier to just come up with birthday ideas, create a plan and organize the party you think would be the bees’ knees for your kid. But wait the kid celebrating this special day will definitely have some thoughts about the party they want. So have a conversation and wherever possible include them in the planning process. Find out what they want when it comes to the party elements; theme, decorations, food, loot bag and guest list. This conversation will be the key to the party’s success and a very happy kid.

Birthday Party Theme – When it comes to finding that just right birthday party theme, if you can imagine it, you can create it. From princess to superhero, from cartoon characters to TV personalities the list of possibilities is endless. Talk with your child and find out what they want, what they really, really want. Let your child have a hand in picking the birthday party theme and once the theme has been decided on have it flow through every part of the celebration. Choosing a party theme will take this party from ho-hum to out of this world.

Kids Birthday Party Planning Tips – Party Plan, Guest List and Decorations – Oh My!

Birthday Party Plan – Once you have established the budget, had the conversation and selected the theme, lay down a plan. Plan everything from A to Z. And I do mean everything from the date and time to the location and decorations to the food and activities. If you start early and lay down a plan you will be sure to remember and include each and every detail. And with a plan you can start purchasing and creating all the supplies needed. Once the party date arrives you will have accomplished all the party objectives and goals and will be ready to go.

Birthday Party Guest List – When it comes to the guest list, we always want to invite each and every friend our kid has ever had. And really for birthday parties bigger isn’t always better. The number one rule for a kid’s party and the guest list; is to invite the number of guests that corresponds with the age of the one celebrating. Have your child help put together the guest list. And remember you always want to be able to oversee the number of guests invited. And help yourself by keeping a list of the yeses along with any special needs and requests.

Birthday Party Decorations – When it comes to birthday parties, ambiance is a very important part of the plan, some say it’s everything. A party definitely isn’t a party without creating the mood. So go big on the decorations. Use your imagination and creativity to set the tone and add to the party atmosphere. You can easily create that party feeling with balloons, streamers, banners and all kinds of party decorations.

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Whenever planning a kids birthday party the ultimate goal it to plan the best possible party while at the same time have it be a most enjoyable and stress free process. Talk to your child and picture what you both want and create from there. Allow enough time to get it all done and remember there are lots of shortcuts and help available.

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