Alert the media July 4th is here. With the arrival of Independence Day, time to celebrate and demonstrate how much we love this country. July 4th (the less formal name) or Independence Day (the more formal moniker) is all about commemorating the thirteen colonies declaring their independence in 1776. Hosting a July 4th celebration is one of the more fun days to have a party. If you ask me any reason to have a party is a good reason. And is there a finer motive to whoop it up than to celebrate America? Bringing together family and friends, good food and drinks without having to wish you’d hit the jackpot.

It’s the perfect time of year to come together with your nearest and dearest. And while some think it takes a boat load of money to throw an outstanding and most enjoyable July 4th soiree. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. From food to fun it can definitely add up. But there are ways to watch the bottom line while still reveling in the red, white and blue fun.

3 Tips to July 4th Party Fun on a Budget

As fast as you can say Happy July 4th the day will be here. And if the budget isn’t filled with dough that can be allocated to a July 4th party; there are lots of ways to cut the fat.

Visit the Dollar Store. Every year the 4th of July arrives on the same date. July 4th red, white and blue decorations are only used once a year. Head over to the dollar store and load up. You can fill up with decorations, plates, cups, flags and the like without breaking the bank. You can also let you fingers do the walking and gets some great DIY ideas on-line.

Nothings Wrong with a Potluck. Potlucks get a bad rap. If you’re intending on having a sizable group, feeding them can end up being a costly feat. Nothing is wrong with choosing to host a potluck July 4th party. Going this route will help the host to reduce expenses. With a potluck the host normally will take care of the main and have guests bring their much-loved side dishes. It’s the responsibility of the host to track what is being brought to ensure there are no duplicates.

Borrow, Borrow, Borrow. Whenever possible save the cash and borrow supplies instead of buying. Find out what you can borrow from those you know. There’s a good possibility that they have what you need. And are happy to loan it to you. With a bit of imagination and inspiration you can throw an outstanding party without it costing way too much.

Some of my best July 4th memories growing up, had everything to do with a laid back, pot luck, bargain basement kind of gathering. I can still see all us kids running around with our flags. It was the most fun. Proving you don’t need lots of buckaroos to have a most enjoyable July 4th party. Happy July 4th and let the fireworks begin.

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