Is An Event Planning Degree Required To Work In The Meetings And Events Industry

If you’re new to the meetings and events industry then you have probably done a fair amount of research to try and determine which event planning degree is best for you. And more often than not that research has probably left you more confused than before you began your search. I often get asked for my opinion on which event planning degree is the best in the industry. I get that question a lot and have actually written a few other articles about certification in the meetings and events industry. There is no one answer to that question as, like the people in the industry, there are many types of event planning degrees available.

An Event Planning Degree Shows People That You Invest In Yourself

Of course, technically speaking, one does not need an event planning degree to work in the meetings and events industry. Often times people that have worked their way up the ranks within the industry have better experience than a degree would have provided. I have seen people that have invested a considerable amount of money to obtain a degree only to find out that they are not suited for the industry.

While I am certainly an advocate for furthering one’s educational and career development, it doesn’t necessarily mean that every single person entering the industry needs to have formal education. To me, the one thing an event planning degree shows me is that the person took the time to invest in themselves and thus their career.

An Event Planning Degree is Available At Many Colleges

One of the first places that I tell a person to look is at the local college level. Some people may only be seeking training in a specific area within the meetings and events industry. For these people a community college course is perfect. Community college courses typically provide more practical experience versus the theoretical experience that is associated with university level degrees. Once people do the research into their local colleges, I then suggest that they contact a local chapter of MPI (Meetings Professionals International) or PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association). While there are many other industry associations that would serve as a good resource, I’m highlighting these two as they are two of the most recognized associations in the industry.

A quick Google search for event planning degree will show you that there are many courses available, both online and in a classroom setting. If you think an online course is for you, make sure you do your due diligence. Many websites offering online courses state that they provide certification. However many of those certifications are not worth the paper they are written on. Again I would always recommend taking a little bit of time up front, do your research, and find out what industry professionals recommend.

Obtaining an event planning degree shows people, particularly potential clients, that you take your job seriously. And, as I have stated before, investing in yourself is one of the most sound investments there is, especially today. So if you are serious about a career in the meetings and events industry and would like to further your education and get an event planning degree make sure you take a little time and research the right event planning degree for you. Doing so could help you prevent wasting a lot of your valuable money and time.

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