Interested in Obtaining Certification to Be a Certified Meeting Planner?

Should you obtain certification to be a certified meeting planner? That’s a common question within the industry. While, at present, the meetings and events industry does not require a meeting planner to be certified, many are going down the certification path to further their career development. But it’s not cheap to become a certified meeting planner. And certification does take a considerable time commitment on your part as well. So for this post were going to look at the merits (benefits as it were) of a meeting planner certification.

Certified Meeting Planner-the Benefits of Certification

Whenever I am at a networking event often the conversation involves the benefits of certification. Let’s face it, on face value any certification shows that you have taken an interest in your profession and are continuing your development as well. I find that people new to the industry, while interested in becoming a certified meeting planner, often will learn the ropes and then determine whether or not the certification route is for them. And I encourage that. After all it does take a commitment of both time and money. The reason I encourage new meeting planners to get their feet wet first is so that they can determine whether or not they see themselves staying in the industry long term. If their aspirations involve another career then there’s nothing wrong with working in the industry without being certified.

Some of the Certification Benefits of Becoming a Certified Meeting Planner Are:

  • your potential clients will see this as a commitment to your profession and the industry
  • it demonstrates that you have the required knowledge to make informed decisions
  • it also shows that you have longevity. Something that is often quite important to potential clients
  • people within your organization will look up to you for both knowledge and direction for their own career choices

When clients are selecting a meeting planner, quite often what they are looking for is that person’s expertise and guidance to help implement and execute successful meetings or events. With certification, a certified meeting planner demonstrates that they have the required knowledge, and commitment, to provide their clients with the proper direction. Being a certified meeting planner is not a requirement for the industry. Don’t get me wrong, there are many good meeting planners out there that haven’t been certified. But, I do believe that certification brings professionalism and commitment to the meetings and events industry.

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