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The number one question that I get asked is always about how to become an event planner. There really is no one answer that is applicable to that question. Yes there are the standard answers such as go to college, get an internship or start working at an established event planning company. I am a huge proponent of post secondary education. I really do feel that if someone is interested in becoming an event planner, meeting planner or party planner then they should look at colleges that offer courses in the field. For those that are also wondering how to become a wedding planner, the resources listed here can also be applied for wedding planning. Note that there are specific courses to fine tune your planning skills towards wedding planning.

Anyone that is considering a career in event planning will be pleased to know that job satisfaction ranks very high. Check out this article that deals with how happy meeting and event planners are in their jobs.

By far the top articles on this website always have to do with resources. So in order to save you time, this article will share some of the more popular posts that deal with becoming an event planner.

Event Planning Educational Resources

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The posts in this section touch on educational requirements as well as some colleges and institutions that specialize in event planning.

How to Gain Event Planning Experience

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Whenever I go to networking events most of the young professionals ask how they can gain experience. Individuals that realize they’re not going to be a top event planner overnight are the ones that, in my opinion, understand the requirements of the industry. To be good at anything requires experience. Doing the job of an event coordinator will give an individual valuable skills as he or she develops into an event planner. After all, like any industry, there is the proverbial ladder that needs to be climbed.

Here are some of our more popular posts that deal with gaining experience/networking.

Event Planner Jobs and Salary Resources

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Wondering what to expect for event planner salary? Or perhaps you want to know where to get those event coordinator jobs.

I often describe an event planner as someone that needs multiple personalities or, more likely, skill sets. At one point they need to be good at networking. Then they need to be great writers. Oh and understanding budgets is a top requirement. So if you’re interested in becoming an event planner (wedding planner, meeting planner or party planner) it’s imperative that you have the proper knowledge to execute the job properly.

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