Sustainability is top of mind these days. From the way we build and operate our houses and office towers to the way we shop for, use and dispose of everything from food to winter tires, the push for a “green” planet continues to gain momentum.

Looking for a Green Party Planner? – Do your research!

And the meetings and events industry is taking the lead when it comes to creating sustainable events. If you’re using a party planner you may want to find out if he/she has experience at creating green or sustainable parties. Check the website, interview past clients and ask to speak with some of his/her suppliers to ensure that they all meet the green targets you’ve set for the function.

A true “green” party planner will have checklists and back up documents that will prove to potential clients that the suppliers/venues/products and services he/she uses for the event are considered to be “green” or to meet the industry’s sustainability standards. Ask the planner to provide documentation that highlights the actual impact of his/her sustainability practices. For example, how much garbage does the party planner divert from landfill by using a particular paper-goods supplier?

Party Planner Resources

In addition to researching your party planner and the work that he/she has done in the past there are a number of industry-specific resources available to you. If your preferred party planner is not currently “up-to-speed” on how to create a sustainable event you may want to direct him/her to any one of hundreds of websites, groups or associations that are out there to champion a sustainable meetings and events industry.

A number of North American cities have published their own guidelines and resource documents to help local party planners in their efforts to move toward sustainability. For example, Kansas City’s “Green Event Planning Guide” provides party planners in Missouri with contact information, check lists, best practices, etc. The City of Toronto, through, points party planners looking for local “green” suppliers and venues in the right direction.

Networking for the “Green” Party Planner.

A good place to start is LinkedIn. There are a number of industry-specific LinkedIn groups that focus on “green” practices and sustainability. These include the “EcoTourism Network”, The “Green Meetings” Forum and the “Green Meetings Industry Council” – the GMIC.

The LinkedIn groups provide a party planner with great contacts and access to information through forums, discussions and personal networking. The GMIC group on LinkedIn has almost 1,000 members – from around the world with local chapters in many North American cities.

Now is the IDEAL Time to Go “Green”

If you’re an established party planner or are just starting out in the industry, now is the ideal time to consider offering clients “green” options for sustainable events. With sustainability front-and-center in the news, the demand for green events of all types – meetings, conventions, conferences, social events, weddings, etc. – will only continue to grow.

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